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  1. New to this site

    Yeah...saw that later... I need his tune...lol
  2. New to the lancer life.

    Nice freezing rain storm last weekend... Left it home...lol
  3. New to this site

    Welcome.....again??? What turbo are you using?
  4. So new.

    Welcome... I would suggest not getting a chip for the lancer. All they do is get your engine lean. I know tight budget so I go for used and good Condition items here on the for sale forum or any other ... An exhaust after a few miles new or used will look the same.....
  5. New to the lancer life.

    Welcome bro, I'm from. Ottawa, in Barrie now for a couple of weeks... Might take the lancer up next week... Anything going on in TO?
  6. Starter Cranking But Not Starting!

    Let me know if you need anything...
  7. Same location, better pic..
  8. Starter Cranking But Not Starting!

    I did have a similar situation. One of the big fuses in the fuse box in the engine bay was loose. Check those first... Or one could be burnt. Check the one for ignition...
  9. Cvt Turbo... Diy!

    I had it blocked, I believe it goes to the boost selenoid and I didn't have it..
  10. Cvt Turbo... Diy!

  11. Black Vinyl Roof

    Looks good any bubbles?
  12. This was my reference....http://clubcj.net/viewtopic.php?t=3284&sid=f495c7fb452714b314aff527d2fcef6f Hope it helps...
  13. Lancer

    Actually looks in awesome shape...for 2000$, it looks like a good deal. You could make an good looking ride with it... You can make it faster, but let's face it, not evo like unless you boost it.... I don't recommend it, those year are hard to boost from a previous boost attempt from a friend...lol
  14. My Lancer Race Toy

  15. 4g18 CVT ECU Re-flash Inquiry

    If it has a obd2 port, it could work. Wolverine ( Brent ) had a older gen lancer, he had boosted it and is a tuner. He should be a good contact. He is on this forum.
  16. Dutch Lancer

    Nice bro... Very nice...
  17. My Lancer Race Toy

    Finaly gutted your engine...lol
  18. My Lancer Race Toy

    Humm....like you said, heat issue with cyl 2... Or maybe a power transfer issue with piston 2. Mine was also cyl 2, piston 2 was shattered and block sleeve cracked in a longitudinal fracture.... Time for forged piston dude...and sleeves...
  19. Need advice on modding my car!

    Tune Bro....have it tuned.....no looks, no sound, but good improvements...
  20. Wastegate actuator

    Direct fit? How much psi is it now?
  21. Wastegate actuator

    Though of re-boosting my lancer, still have my setup @ home. I need my car to commute and long trips. I want to limit boost to a a "safer" setup. Any one knows where I can find a td04-hl (RA turbo) at a decent price a 9 psi? I believe stock td04-hl is12 psi...
  22. Which 4b11T parts will fit on 4b11

    A manual ROM could potentially work... I was using an evo gsr ROM with my turbo... But you need to be able to find one that actually flashes in the ecu. I am going to be putting the turbo back on soon, I may need some help in basic tuning if you could walk me through...
  23. Which 4b11T parts will fit on 4b11

    Be sure to check the valve gaping, you might need new caps/buckets. If you need the spec, let me know...