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  1. On ‎26‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 0:56 AM, Levithepantsguy said:

    Hey man idk if you even use this site still but I have a 2008 Lancer ES and I've bought a new cam for it and I've tried to install it but I can't get the tentioner part right , I'm trying to push up on it and put pressure on the chain guide, but nothing will work. If you did any tricks to help you that you could share, that'd be great thanks.

    There is a small screw in the timing chain cover covering the tensioner, Unscrew it, and you have to insert a small screwdriver in there to release the tensioner. Its easier done with 2 person. One "fiddles" with the tensioner while the other uses the prybar to push in the tensioner. 


  2. 31 minutes ago, Lukibishi said:

    Yeah most of us have seen your build log, and I know for me it was the thing that inspired me to go turbo when I originally planned to. But transmission longevity is going to be awful (I mean it only lasts ~120k on the base GTS's, so god knows how long it'd last turbo'd) and it's just always gonna be a front wheel drive car sadly :( - hence why I still think, for the considerably low price difference, the Ralliart is the better option once you've got a few years experience and no-claims (at least that's the case this side of the pond). 

    Granted, it's not the most economical way, but....... I STILL MISS MY LANCER! lol


  3. Why'd you turbo your lancer?


    Because I could......


    Its not all about the $$$, its was the journey there, the hobby. It was as fun for me to build it than to drive it. difference between putting bolt on mud flaps and ripping your engine out and really creating something from scratch. Its not always pretty, but its part of the game. Did all the work myself, made some mistakes, manage to do good things too. In the end, I was proud of myself and my car, especialy when I heard the first PPSSSSHHHHHHH from the BOV.:D



    For unbelievers, I had a CVT and it was boosted.


  4. Sorry Guys... Been out of touch for a while, moved because of the military...


    This is the end of the road for my lancer, its been a bumpy ride, mostly good times though. I don't know if I actually achieve a badass CVT lancer like my title says, but it I did try...

    I have learned so much fooling around with it, and you guys here gave me advise, trick and a moral boost when I needed it. Both the Lancer a nd KIA are now gone..




    Here is my last picture of the lancer... I think it a cool picture... (BTW, I did secure the passenger and scene, before taking it... we where waiting for the firefighters






  5. 15 hours ago, Drake Nguyen said:

    Thanks, i am very excited and have been waiting to start working on cars since i was a tiny lil dude. I definitely won't rush and ruin the whole car

    Then, if you really want to go through with it, I would be glad to guide you through it, so would Transferdrift. We both gone through it...


  6. Hi dude.... Since it is your only car, first car too, I would first do some basic mods. If you never worked on cars it would be wise not to throw yourself in a project like boosting right away. I also don't know how stable financially but I always recommend having  a cash cushion with enough for a engine replacement (or at least a second car...). Love your enthusiasm, don't get me wrong, if you have the time, space and know how...it's an awesome project. I would just hate for you to have a 10000$ lawn ornament because something went wrong.


  7. Yeah...saw that later... I need his tune...lol

    1 minute ago, trancedrift said:

    This is from the craiglist ad he posted in the shoutbox :)

    I am assuming you tune as well, 12 psi on stock dynamic compression needs some proper and careful tuning, otherwise a connecting rod would have already punched a hole in the block.



  8. Welcome... I would suggest not getting a chip for the lancer. All they do is get your engine lean. I know tight budget so I go for used and good Condition items here on the for sale forum or any other

    ... An exhaust after a few miles new or used will look the same.....