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  1. Hi Bro..

    I would like to seek yr assistance for ASX 2.0 Mivec CVT year 2016 defination file and I'm relatively new to this programming process.

    I have retrieved my bin file from the ecu already. My friend helped me to find the fuel and ignition map only..

    How do we go about finding the other parameters ?

    My email id is mrcybertron@hotmail.com

    If I can have your email id, I can fwd the exisiting files to you ?

    Thank you for your time.

    Pls advice.





    hp :+60124477006

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    2. T-Flash


      Hi, definition files are hard to get. They are pretty much non-existent. You need a pro tuner to write it. Unless you have your id, then you might find one on the net. The transmission is controlled by the TCM, another electronic type ECU for the tranny. Do you need to use a manual transmission rom if you're boosting.

    3. mrcybertron


      Hi ..

      Thank you for yr reply..

      I do have some information... how can i pass it to you ?

      since its a cvt, I don't plan to boost. but i just wanna adjust the parameters for better drive.


    4. mrcybertron


      Hi T flash


      my xmlid : 97960007

      internal id address is 501fc


      Are these info sufficient ?