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  1. hi bro.sorry my english isnt good.

    need to ask u alittle thing about tcm in lancer ecu.

    can we just adjust the table to suit the torque that the engine produce after we b.o.t.can u tell a little about ur lancer project before.tq bro

  2. Nice to be back...

    Thanks! If anyone knows someone who is selling a RIPPMOD supercharger for V6 eclipse, let me know....
  3. Nice to be back...

    New project... 06 eclipse gt Changed the stereo, to have Bluetooth Ordered stuff: Lowering kit New tail and head lights Looking for: CF hood RIPPMOD supercharger
  4. Nice to be back...

    Hi! Long time... No don't have a lancer again... But missed this place... I do have a Mitsu again, now my project is a 2006 eclipse GT. So in a nutshell... Past project...
  5. Hi Bro..

    I would like to seek yr assistance for ASX 2.0 Mivec CVT year 2016 defination file and I'm relatively new to this programming process.

    I have retrieved my bin file from the ecu already. My friend helped me to find the fuel and ignition map only..

    How do we go about finding the other parameters ?

    My email id is mrcybertron@hotmail.com

    If I can have your email id, I can fwd the exisiting files to you ?

    Thank you for your time.

    Pls advice.





    hp :+60124477006

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    2. T-Flash


      Hi, definition files are hard to get. They are pretty much non-existent. You need a pro tuner to write it. Unless you have your id, then you might find one on the net. The transmission is controlled by the TCM, another electronic type ECU for the tranny. Do you need to use a manual transmission rom if you're boosting.

    3. mrcybertron


      Hi ..

      Thank you for yr reply..

      I do have some information... how can i pass it to you ?

      since its a cvt, I don't plan to boost. but i just wanna adjust the parameters for better drive.


    4. mrcybertron


      Hi T flash


      my xmlid : 97960007

      internal id address is 501fc


      Are these info sufficient ?




  6. How To: Install Evo X Camshafts

    There is a small screw in the timing chain cover covering the tensioner, Unscrew it, and you have to insert a small screwdriver in there to release the tensioner. Its easier done with 2 person. One "fiddles" with the tensioner while the other uses the prybar to push in the tensioner.
  7. Naw its in the garage... I am deployed at the moment.... back in spring... Going esthetic first this time... got underglow for it... well the kit I had for the lancer and never installed...lol
  8. Why'd you turbo your lancer?

    Granted, it's not the most economical way, but....... I STILL MISS MY LANCER! lol
  9. Why'd you turbo your lancer?

    Why'd you turbo your lancer? Because I could...... Its not all about the $$$, its was the journey there, the hobby. It was as fun for me to build it than to drive it. difference between putting bolt on mud flaps and ripping your engine out and really creating something from scratch. Its not always pretty, but its part of the game. Did all the work myself, made some mistakes, manage to do good things too. In the end, I was proud of myself and my car, especialy when I heard the first PPSSSSHHHHHHH from the BOV. For unbelievers, I had a CVT and it was boosted.
  10. Turbo Question???

    Older eclipse... 95-99....
  11. Miss my lancer..... Hard to start from scratch....
  12. Thanks.. Will still show up once in a while... Here is my new project.... Was looking for a Ralliart or evo x, but unfortunately, I needed a automatic car since I can only afford one car at the moment and the wife drive only automatic. Next car WILL be an evo... in a few years...
  13. Sorry Guys... Been out of touch for a while, moved because of the military... This is the end of the road for my lancer, its been a bumpy ride, mostly good times though. I don't know if I actually achieve a badass CVT lancer like my title says, but it I did try... I have learned so much fooling around with it, and you guys here gave me advise, trick and a moral boost when I needed it. Both the Lancer a nd KIA are now gone.. THANKS PL! Here is my last picture of the lancer... I think it a cool picture... (BTW, I did secure the passenger and scene, before taking it... we where waiting for the firefighters