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  1. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Been over a year since I've last posted on this thing. Last I left you all, life was less than desirable. Stability has finally returned & I'm both mentally, physically, & financially stronger. I did have to take some steps back, but I'm starting to move forward again. But enough about that WHAT ABOUT THE CAR? Well. I've done a good amount to be honest. Nothing Earth shattering, but it's still progress. I finally installed paddle shifters on the car & love them. It's definitely given the car a different driving feel. I also added this cheeky rear license plate frame to stop people from asking me if it's an Evo. I took a couple random shots of the car outside of work Had this dude park next to me at work Plastidipped those door sills I cut many moons ago & finally installed them I added some of that EZ Lip to the car. It looked cool, but didn't last long. It got ripped off trying to get into the parking lot at work LOL I also added a Hydra badge up front & replaced the trunk emblem with one as well. While fighting the personal things I had to fight, I started watching all the Marvel movies to take my mind off of everything & help me escape. I added a shark fin antenna that looks out of place Bought an Android 7.1 NAV unit finally. Installed so easily, but I need to find a better equalizer app. Not a fan of the stock one. I finally got around to changing out the Tsudo N1 cannon muffler because I got tired of the highway drone. Got me a nice Magnaflow muffler instead & the guys at C&D Masters in Brampton did an awesome job installing it for me for a great price too. I ended up selling the rear diffuser I was working on because it wasn't going to work with what I had planned. But I ended up buying this one instead. Plastidipped it black & installed it today. And this evening while washing the car, I had this sunset as my backdrop. And this is were I'm currently at folks! I do still have a few little side projects that I'm working on, but I'm nearing the home stretch for completion. I have some coilovers that will be going on next year as the only major thing that's up next. Other than that, it's all just minor things that need to be done! I've just passed 8 years with this car in my possession, & looking back at photos from when I first got it, it has certainly transformed. It's been with me through the good, the bad, & the REALLY bad. There were times I thought about selling everything & returning to stock during those bad times, but I'm glad I didn't have to get to that point. Hope you enjoy.
  2. My Lancer Progress Thread pontiac69

    Beautiful ride. Did you end up drilling into the front for the tow hook?
  3. Having Fun With My Car

    Loving the colour, & if I had to choose a wing, either the first or third one.
  4. Having Fun With My Car

  5. Having Fun With My Car

    Man I disappear for a little bit & your car has changed so much! Loving it.
  6. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Welp... I'm still alive... Surprisingly lol. Life threw me a series of nasty curveballs and I don't even play baseball. But slowly but surely I'm getting my life back to normal. But that's a story for another day. Through the hard times, the car has been my sanctuary. Nothing has been removed, but a few little things have been added. But first & foremost, I've realized that a bunch of my pictures were disabled via Facebook (when I had an account), so I've taken the time to upload everything to Flickr if you'd like to see the progress that's been made. So I've installed a reverse light that goes over the license plate. Makes a very big difference. I finally got around to installing the OBX high flow header. I scored a header-back Tsudo exhaust system for under $400 off of Kijiji. The muffler along with the high flow cat, & cannon muffler is hella loud. So I threw in a silencer. In all honesty, this is just temporary anyway until I can get some time to fab up my own. I'm still rebuilding a rear diffuser I picked up off of Kijiji a few years ago & hope to have it finished soon. I'll try & keep up with updates if life allows it.
  7. Optic_Ace Lancer Project

    Very slick ride!
  8. Danny's Octane Blue Lancer (Mexi-Poke)

    Pure Awesome.
  9. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    No problem! Quick shot of the rear when I went to check the mail (for more parts of course). I'm nearing the home stretch for this car when I really think about it. I have to install the header, which I'll do when I do the full custom exhaust. Get a rear diffuser on, which I have already, but that won't go on until the exhaust is done. Then finally a NAV unit.
  10. Ilancer08 Progress Thread!

    Those rims those rims those rims. So sick
  11. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    All on the outside. I think it would be hella difficult to try & paint the inside. The layers og clear coat will protect it enough for you. They come stock with the clear incandescent bulbs in them already, they just have that orange shield over them, so you could just rock that, without the shield if you want.
  12. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Not silly at all . I used clear orange hobby paint (Tamiya TS-73) is the most common one. After about 4 coats of it, I did another 4 coats of Clear Coat (Tamiya TS-13)
  13. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    I will just leave this right here. I'll try & get out & take some full shots.
  14. Project Lancer Gt From Kuala Lumpur

    Damn I wish I could go to that meet. Looks so awesome. Loving the new rear bumper.
  15. Having Fun With My Car

    NICE! Can't wait to see what's in store I hear ya with the painting issues lol. Well hopefully you get a few sunny days your way.