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  1. My Lancer Race Toy

    So, the next round I did take the first place. In general the car felt good but the stock RA wastegate started acting up again limiting the boost to 0.6 bar (stuck open) I did also quite some autobahn kilometers recently and decided I need to change the alignment, namely fix the toe out and reduce the front camber a little as the car is trying to kill me on wet asphalt although on dry asphalt I am racing BMW M3's and Porsches with 240-260 kmh and I am getting them in the corners
  2. Engine/belt "whine"?

    It's the chain or chain tensioners, in rare cases the mivec solenoids. From what I have seen, it is a much more pronounced issue with the 4B12 engine rather than any of the other in the 4B family I have it on my 4B12 Outlander but almost not audible on the 4B10 boosted Lancer. The Lancer has the chain changed when I boosted it 3-4 years ago and that didn't change the sound, but we left the tensioners and guides, and oil pump chain unchanged But on the Outlander the whine is almost louder that the other engine noises, definately inside the car. I have run the engine with accessroy serpentine belt removed to test it, and the noise was still there, so it is not the belt, and not the injectors.
  3. It looks to me that you are dropping turbo pressure quite rapidly after 5000 rpm, so you torque drops like a stone. The max power should be way past 6500 rpm with Evo cams, so the only reason would be if you are not holding pressure right. What wastegate pressure rating do you have, stock RA? And what do you use for boost control? I was peaking at 6250rpm in the beginning because the manual boost control was a bitch to tune around, the only safe way was to let it leak pressure at high rpm. I even tried using two manual boost controllers in a row, didn't help much. Now I run 3-port from Grimmspeed and let the ecu controll it, and just tune the WGDC tables in the rom, with barometric and temperature correction on the fly. Result is 13 psi flat from 3000 rpm to 7500 rpm, and almost 300hp on the crank around 7000 rpm. And this is from the 1.8 4B10 version of the enigne. By the way, at some point after two years of track days the original wastegate started to leak pressure badly, but I just tightened it to the absolute maximum, and it is still holding ok.
  4. My Lancer Race Toy

    I've been quiet recently but the car is still going strong. This year I am participating in the Club class of the Dutch time attack championship. It is the starting class for cars with engines from the same model, no major aero, and predominantly road legal (although the serious competition was Civics stripped to bare metal with non-turbo heavily modified enignes). I did manage to get second place after finishing with fastest times in both qualification and final, but getting time penalty as the Club category has a target lowest lap times allowed. I drove with Federal 595 RS-R tires which are definitely worse than anything else track oriented that I have had but they are... cheap. On Zandvoort I had to keep the pace down, or at least not go to the complete limit in order to stay close to the target time, but the next round is next month and on TT Assen (the Moto GP track) where I will have to go all the way to be close to the target time. It is going to be fun!
  5. My Lancer Race Toy

    Everything fits easily, there isn't much space to work around the unit though, so you have to be patient. You should also try to not to let air go into the clutch feed line, although bleeding the clutch to get fresh brake fluid there is not a bad idea. By the way, make sure the master brake cylinder comes with tank and comes from a GSR, the MR one doesn't have a ready fitting for the clutch line. I had to make one for mine.
  6. My Lancer Race Toy

    Hi, The master brake cylinder from Evo X requires also the vacuum booster from an Evo. You have to change both as the coupling if different. Also the Evo cylinder is Bosch and the Lancer one is Ate. I am really happy with this swap, the pedal feel is absolutely improved, short but powerful. The next mode on the brake system I will be doing this summer is removing the whole ABS/EBD pump unit and changing it with two simple proportioning valves. The pump isn't working and even when it's working it is costing me a couple seconds per lap due to poorer braking. I've been quiet the last couple of month as I haven't done much on the car, I took a little time off the track to have some time for myself - more vacations and stuff. Also all the track days this year so far have been rainy or even with snow so there haven't been much to do. Plans remain further stripping the car, putting race seats and harnesses, and 4 or 6 point cage. Battery should move inside and hood and boot lid need to become lighter. In the meanwhile I re-purposed my daily wheels for my daily Outlander, I put some 255/55R18 tires on the 18x9.5 +26 wheels and I really like the result. The Outlander look definitely more aggressive this way.
  7. Good job Don't forget to take care of oil cooling as well! Tephra mod on the rom is almost obligatory as well with knock warning.
  8. New Lancer Model Thread (Rumours, Speculation, Etc.)

    I am thinking more in the direction of 110 and 107 kW seems more realistic And regarding a new Lancer model - well they were planning a new one on the Renault Megane platform, however I read recently that Nissan executive has said that they want to revive the Evo but on a X-trail / Kadjar platform. It is a light SUV platform, but the X was also sharing platform with Outlander anyways so something good can come out of this.
  9. Replacing the chain

    I woudn't bother with the chain, it is a PITA and costs a lot. If you keep the engine cool and with good oil it is not going to be an issue. I changed mine because of the turbo. If you are going to be removing the head - yes ofc change the chain and check the chain tensioners but otherwise it is obsolete.
  10. Ralliart to Evo Intercooler swap help

    You need too couplers, both upper and lower are one size different, also above the distance is much shorter. You need like two 2.25 to 2.5 silicone couples, 5 inch long, but if longer you could shorten them. Also the mounting point will need some bending and twisting to fit. I forgot the sizes, I have to check, but the best is to first measure the IDs of everything before purchasing and dismounting.
  11. Why'd you turbo your lancer?

    Well I boosted mine so I can do this however I have to say the turbo was just 20% or even less of the cost and work done. But the Lancer is nice platform to work on and learn.
  12. I would guess something short circuited in the socket before the fuse could blow. The plastic covers should be easy to remove and could remove it in 5 minutes, check what's going on underneath.
  13. 4B10 with Evo X crankshaft issue.

    Btw, the latency looks stock on you screen shot, I adjusted mine to correct for the 1.8 displacement to fix my idle fuel trim Just checked actually, on you screenshot it is the stock X latency, this is mine now, btw funny fact - this rom is version 8 of the version 16 of version 15 of version 3 since I have started tuning my car
  14. 4B10 with Evo X crankshaft issue.

    Why not just copy it from a stock evo x rom, they all have the sae latency correction
  15. Would It Fit?

    I used to race with 255 wide AD08R tires mounted on 18x9.5 +26 wheels, the tires were very wide, wider than 265 summer tires, so it would be good reference for you. In the rear I am rolled and pulled until the wheel arches began to deform and fold in order to fit that setup and not scrape. I have around -1.8 camber in the rear. On the front I did not touch it and it fitted with around -4 camber and -5 caster angles, however the tires ate my plastic fender lining. I am guessing you will run much less camber for street car and the front will not fit either. and your wheels are another cm further to the outside. This is what the car looked like with decompressed and compressed suspension for comparison