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  1. 09 Lancer Gts - Mtf Fluid

    how oftwn is it sypposed to be changed? Im at 32k miles now.
  2. Gear Oil In The Manual Transaxle

    I wonder too bec im coming up on my 30k interval.
  3. Time to garage my lancer away.
  4. Useless Facts Aboout 4B11?

    Opens more possibilities.
  5. Useless Facts Aboout 4B11?

    Very interesting aftet reading that article.
  6. Useless Facts Aboout 4B11?

  7. Flash Tunes :)

    you are also 2.4. I'm running 2.0. Prob take little more work.
  8. Flash Tunes :)

    Not to thread jack but it would be nice to get 200whp. I wonder how hard would it be especially with a MT.
  9. Gsr Transmission In Lancer

    enlarge the hole enough for the starter I would assume?
  10. D2's Coilover Owners Chime In

    Cant really upgrade d2s shocks/struts..
  11. D2's Coilover Owners Chime In

    I'm just worried about the life of the strut itself tho.
  12. Hi there, I need a few d2 owners to chime in about these coil overs. I'm going for the stance look for my Lancer. I barely drive it not my daily but maybe 20-50 miles a weekend. I can get the fronts as low as I want no issue but the rear is not low enough for me. Right now, I have it all the way down and the preload is all the way down. It's tucking a little bit. Will it hurt the shock if I take a collar out or two? I decide I'm not going for performance/auto x or anything. I have bigger piorties in life to worry about.
  13. Redid My Front End. Color Matched.

    Oh, gotcha. it looks good. do it.
  14. Redid My Front End. Color Matched.

    What do you mean?
  15. Redid My Front End. Color Matched.

    Thanks guys. I just finished my front emblem in gloss black and reapplied it back on. Flows well.