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  1. meet tonight flushing lot 10pm

  2. i need a license plate relocator but i dont wanna spend 100 bucks anyone know where i can find one for a good price

  3. dam nypd pulled me over and cited me for tints and my red parking lights wtf man go protect the city stop harrasing the citizens

  4. should i put obx headers and a high flow cat on my 2012 lancer se 2.4L cvt?

  5. if i wanted to trade in my lancer do u guys think they will notice that the front bumper isnt the same as when i bought the car?

    1. Glenn Quagmire

      Glenn Quagmire

      if it is a dealer, then yeah.

  6. car meets dont work out when its starting to get cold

  7. car meets dont work out when its starting to get cold

  8. Got pulled over for dark tints nd loud exhaust but got no tickets cuz im kool like that lolol dam nypd

  9. Its friday people, gunna take rabbit for a nice long drive to end the week

    1. EricGTS



    2. RallyRedRabbit


      i named my lancer rabbit iduno y it just clicked in my head

  10. its getting colder nd colder gotta love that more dense air

  11. i wanna set up a meet here in new york. bikes lancers everything lolz

  12. i wanna set up a meet out here in new yprm

  13. I wanna start blogging but i need friends and followers -_-

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    From the album Rabbit

  15. IMG 0193

    From the album Rabbit