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  1. Resonator Question

    replace the two stock resonators with magnaflow straight through. i deleted the rez and regretted it.
  2. South Carolina Lancers

    aiken, sc here. closer to GA
  3. Front Upper Strut Mount

    I have the Megan one from eBay and its nice. Good quality and all that good stuff. It was like 80 bucks with shipping.
  4. Post Your Window Visors

    your car is so damn clean.
  5. Wing Or Wingless

    +1 lip/duckbill
  6. Wink 5 Panel Mirror

    the zip tie idea is actually a really good idea since the mirror does vibrate slightly.
  7. Wink 5 Panel Mirror

    i have the mirror. im just trying to figure out if i should sticker it or wrap it with matching vinyl interior. and i havnt removed the stock mirror. its not really in the way. As far as mounting it, i had to drill seperate holes for it to line up right, but if i decide i dont want it anymore the stock visors mount where the holes are.
  8. Spoiler Yes Or No?

    you dont even have to get the duckbill from rexspeed. unless you want to pay that much, there is unpainted and painted on ebay for our car.
  9. Spoiler Yes Or No?

    Just get the duckbill lip.
  10. Jxharden's De

    Been riding on these for 2-3 weeks now. STR 514 18x8.5 +30 with 225/40zr18 and went ahead and replaced all the struts
  11. Milage ?

    2010 78000 miles
  12. DDM tuning here also. 5K and 3K.
  13. Instagram Username Sharing Thread

    Brigandjames is mine
  14. Ddm Tunning Hid Kit

    build me a set of projectors then! Haha
  15. Help! Front Tow Hook Installation

    yeah I remember your thread.