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  1. In the process of getting My mustang, i will still be around,

  2. Well guys, I'm trying to trade my lancer for a mustang, the under powered cvt is killing me

  3. I just feel like i can get a good gain from anything... I need a ralliart turbo....

  4. About to take off my Magnaflow muffler for a different axleback

  5. Gonna have a Custom street tune made for my car :D

  6. Running a High Flow Cat Now

  7. Running a High Flow Cat not

  8. Blue Lightning

    Anthracite gloss, with a slight pearl overcoat
  9. Blue Lightning

    That's a Magnaflow Muffler and Magnaflow Tip bud
  10. Hurry the ***** up spring....

  11. Blue Lightning

    Just a 2015 Update so far, I'v Lowered my Car and got a Magnaflow Cat-back, More mods to come.....eventually
  12. Tail ights tinted

  13. My New Cat-Back

    From the album Lancer Modifying

  14. Another perfomance mod tomorrow