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  1. Help: Modifying Stock Bumper Or Ralliart?

    how did you get such a smooth cut?
  2. Hello, I have a 2013 lancer GT. And right now as it sits, I have the stock bumper with a scorpion rear lip (similar to a factory rear diffuser). As everyone knows, the stock bumper is single exit for exhaust. The ralliart is made for dual exhaust. I am having a custom dual exhaust installed but first I need to know if I should have them cut a hole in the stock bumper to save money, or take a 400$ bath and buy a stock ralliart bumper to house the dual exhaust nicely? Has anyone made their stock bumper into dual? Or know of any ralliart rear bumpers for sale/ aftermarket rears that are not as extreme "fast n furious" look as some of the Evo aftermarket ones? Thanks everyone
  3. Weird Clunking From Rear

    update: i swapped out my rotors and put on my old rims. the spacer from my aftermarket rims was rusted so i took it out and then made sure my rotor was aligned and tight before i put my wheel back on. so far no more clunking.
  4. Weird Clunking From Rear

    thanks, ill have to check that out
  5. This seems very unusual to me but it has been happening for about a month now. Whenever I wash my car or my car is wet and i drive away, I hear a clunking noise coming from the rear end of my car. The sound is in sync as if it clunked every time the wheel makes a full circle, kind of like a bicycle with a baseball card clipped on the tire. The pace of the noise increases as my speed increases. But then when my car is dry there is no noise. Also with a little experimenting while my car is wet, when I break hard enough the sound goes away but then I take my foot off the break and coast, the clunking comes back. Does anyone know how to fix this or have suggestions on what I should try? thanks
  6. Mojacko's Stock Gt :d

    I have a 2013 2.4l GT -18x8 rims -ebc slotted sport rotors -HR racing springs -greddy rs axelback exhuast -injen short ram intake -RRM crank pulley -RRM 4-1 headers -RRM ignition tune (trying to get rid of it, pm if you think u might want it) -scorpion rear diffuser -scorpion front diffuser (also looking to get rid of it, just pm me) -scorpion spoiler -Plasti dipped side markers, taillights and grill
  7. How To: Install Evo X Camshafts

    i am going to try this at home but can anyone help with the tool list?? thank you
  8. How To: Install Evo X Camshafts

    what tools would be required for this?
  9. Hks Camshaft Question

    for stock evox cams on a cvt 4b12 , what kind of labor would be involved? is it best to just take it somewhere and have them installed?
  10. All About Exhausts.

    I am just having difficulty finding a place that will fit a pipe in. I live in PA so not too many people are modding their cars up here haha, I am not sure if you know a place in NY but that wouldn't be too far of a drive if they do solid work? @WhiteHornet
  11. All About Exhausts.

    So i am running the greedy RS on my 13 gt and it is very nice, however i was wondering if anyone has gone from the catback or removed their resonator with the RS on.. i was thinking 2.5 inch custom pipping but i was not sure if this would sound rice or not?? any inout would be great. I have more mods than just exhaust so the sound is slightly different, hence me not wanting to end up with something that sounds rice when it already doesn't. Thanks
  12. I Wanna Go Fast!

    Here is a sound video . Since i went with the 4-1, i did notice power start coming out around 4500rpm and up, kind of like a little boost once youre in the powerband if you keep your foot on the pedal and stay in those high rpms ( i only go to high rpms with the paddle shiffters though, be careful if u stay in automatic mode when going high, the tranny will be taking a lot of heat). Noise, hard to say, louder yes, lower: slightly, i would say the sound just comes out more smoothly crisper and louder (aka not ricey). The most sound i've noticed has come from the sri while i am drivng , you really can hear a deeper more muscley tone inside the car and it definitely gives a little bit more of a jump when you punch it.
  13. I Wanna Go Fast!

    i have a 2013 cvt 2.4 and my setup rn is : RRM 4-1 headers, lightweight crank pulley, RRM ignition timer, injen SRI, greddy rs axel back, HR racing springs, and ebc rotors (all four). i plan to do cams, 2.5 inch from cat back, and tune after that.. turbo is a hit or miss IMO because our 4b12s are an aluminum case and we have cvt so the stress on our transmission plus overheating... lots could go wrong and you wouldnt be able to run high psi's without having a lot of risk.
  14. Does My Lancer Look Like A Rice?

    id say some some window tint too, just so you cant see completely through and through
  15. Sheila 2

    From the album Sheila 2014