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  1. P0420 Code bad cat or o2

    Do not waste money or time on the o2 the problem is the catalytic
  2. Lancer gt universal muffler

    eBay you have several options muffler
  3. detailing

    I have many years in the detailing of cars and used many brands but ultimately the jetseal paint sealer of chemical guys offers excellent results in combination with pete's 53...each with his own
  4. Show Em Off

  5. Bee R

    Someone installed a Bee R in your lancer 08- up NA?
  6. Post Your Window Visors

  7. Muffler/Res delete "I know it has been answered"

    If you are looking for noise like a tractor, eliminate the cat and resonator and increase the diameter of the exhaust. If you want to dry the car and break it is another song you know you have to do a reflash for those mod. That you have can not compare the engine of the G35 with the 4b11 since they are not the same v6 vs 4 cylinders You feel the car runs much more but what you do not have is that it is dry gasoline that is why you need to do a reflash
  8. Muffler/Res delete "I know it has been answered"

    With a cat back of 2.5" is more than enough
  9. Rev Limiters for Lancers?

    Ok the speed sensor is at the top of the trasnmision does not do any damage to the engine the only thing you will have the check engine on ... With a reflash can not do it I want to do but my tuner told me that the reflash program could not premise it only by removing the plug from the seepd sensor you can do it with the Bee-R is more secure without any problem
  10. Rev Limiters for Lancers?

    this option is more safe for you
  11. Rev Limiters for Lancers?

    You just have to disconnect the plug speed sensor and you have the ra-ta-ta-ta you want
  12. Headers

    Find information in other post there is
  13. New resonator

    Change the cat for a Hi Flow and the resonator 2.5 " and you will have an aggressive tone
  14. New resonator

    If you can change it remember it's just a resonator
  15. New resonator