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  1. FYI: EVOIV Spoiler

  2. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    the problem is the catalytic installs an o2 fouler and corrects the problem
  3. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    good luck bro.
  4. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    from 09 to 12 you can use the trottle of the 4G69 in the 2013 onwards does not work and I pass in mine that is 2014
  5. Backup Camera

    if aftermarket already has the cable for the installation of the camera you should not have any problem follow the instructions
  6. Backup Camera

    if it is the oem you must use the pins mentioned pin. 3 & 7 camara postive and negative pin 2 is signal to reverse
  7. Ceramic Clear Coating

    Thanks sepelio, against the rocks but not the scratch if you protect it
  8. 4B12 header on 4B11

    The port is for more flow and increases power. The port does it with a dremel nothing complicated header is bolt on coupling in the OEM screws
  9. P0420 Code bad cat or o2

    Do not waste money or time on the o2 the problem is the catalytic
  10. Lancer gt universal muffler

    eBay you have several options muffler
  11. detailing

    I have many years in the detailing of cars and used many brands but ultimately the jetseal paint sealer of chemical guys offers excellent results in combination with pete's 53...each with his own
  12. Show Em Off

  13. Bee R

    Someone installed a Bee R in your lancer 08- up NA?