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    * painted the grill purple
    *painted all the trim under the hood purple
    * HID kit
    * Purple Fogs
    * Smoked my tail lights/ marker lights
    * Lowering Springs ( type Tein s tech 2.15 drop in the front and 1.76 in the rear)
    *tinted windows
    * painted calipers purple
    * Niche wheels ( 18's)
    * purple Light Bars under dash
    * Aftermarket Touch screen, with a sub and amp
    * Mud Flaps
    * Purple Parking Lights
  • Car 2013 Lancer SE

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  1. does anyone know the thread count on a 2013 Lancer SE for the Shift Knob?? 

  2. a girl and her car

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  3. 2013 Lancer

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  4. dat booty doe

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    installed my rally armor mudflaps
  5. before and after

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  6. need ideas for the lancer... on what to do next.. nothing to expensive..

  7. hmm what to do next on my lancer?

    1. Glenn Quagmire

      Glenn Quagmire

      neon underglow

    2. niicola.xo


      no point, cant drive with it on here.


  8. wow i haven't been on here in forever

    1. fastcar123


      Welcome back

  9. Freshly washed

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  10. hate rainy days

  11. hmm. thinking of what to do next on the lancer

  12. got my touch screen installed!

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  13. lowering springs have been installed! this is a very happy girl!

  14. lowered the lancer 4

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