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  1. 2013 Lancer SE Build

    ooooo cosmic blue !!!!! [emoji847][emoji847][emoji847][emoji847] awesome!! welcome!!
  2. Mighty Blue Lancer

    Blacked out all the chrome and gold emblems
  3. Mighty Blue Lancer

    Hmm havent posted in awhile
  4. Hello From The Garden State...

    More from Jersey welcome !
  5. New Member From New Jersey

    Wonder how many Jersey people are on here
  6. New Member From New Jersey

    Bro ! I was right around the corner from you, Piscataway area.
  7. New Member From New Jersey

    Welcome ! Where from in Jersey !
  8. New! 2013 Lancer Es-Vermont

    Welcome to PL!
  9. All About Exhausts.

    Okay thanks! Can't wait to get it
  10. All About Exhausts.

    Thanks ! .. Is it loud ?
  11. All About Exhausts.

    Recently ordered tsudo s2 axle back anyone else have it and tell me how it is ? Only have heard one video of it
  12. All About Exhausts.

    Nice ! I will be the first to ask something then, can I buy an axle back and get a muffler shop to do a cat back for me ?
  13. Mighty Blue Lancer

    I just had to take a picture , just got smart auto start on it !
  14. New Member From Portland

    Nice ! Welcome to forums !