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  1. First Mitsubishi

    the unit itself is behind the glovebox but before touching that i'd check the radio wiring are some wires cut? are you the first owner of the vehicule? if not i'd check the wiring
  2. 2015 Rally Red Lancer Se Awc

    Honestly cvts suck had i done my research i would have opted for a different car i installed paddle shifters but still... sucks acceleration is better thought but damn do i regret my decision don't get me wrong my car turns heads left and right people have actually stopped traffic to give me a thumbs up lol litteraly but is it fun to drive.... nope! I'm getting rid of it as soon as possible and getting a final edition
  3. Spolier swap questions...

    I don't know where you live but i have an evo x spoiler lying around the shed in matte black lmk if interested
  4. Spolier swap questions...

    I hear you on the spoiler but the higher the better you need to look at the lower part in your window i like mine and i had an evo x spoiler before was also pretty good i had a wingless trunk before i got the carbon fiber one and yes it covers part of it but the higher the spoiler the better for me if your cars lowered get a duckbill if not get a high rise wing just completes the car imo
  5. Mine Progress Thread

    i'm still trying to figure out how you stuck the bride material to the top of the car so perfectly what did you use?
  6. Mine Progress Thread

    I like the setup very clean and good looking car imo the details make the car and your interior is top notch !
  7. Having Fun With My Car

    The caster, "camber" or toe-in of a vehicle shall not be out of adjustment to the extent that it is apparent visually...
  8. Having Fun With My Car

    Right i have spacers 25mm and 30mm for the back they tend to shave my wheels even with the fenders flared i would need to cut them off and mold the fender flares to the car or offset my wheels so much the cops would pull me over every street corner
  9. Having Fun With My Car

    Hey guys have not updated in a while as i have been busy but quite a few things changed like the led side mirrors new seats, fast mags, amp&sound system the exterior has not changed much im mostly focusing on the interior i do have another project car i'm rebuilding so my focus is not a 100%on this car but any suggestions as to what should be added/taken off would be appreciated it
  10. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Good thing you did you have no idea how easy it is for it to suck the water in trough the intake i read a lot of posts saying our motors weren't strong enough to suck water in etc... until the day it happened to me sold my cold air intake the next day it didn't go to the motor but it messed up my maf sensor which is close to 400 cad to change
  11. Show Em Off

    Thanks and the hood makes a big difference can't wait to see yours
  12. Show Em Off

    Here's mine
  13. ChristophrHall Lancer

    You could always change your front bumper if its that much of an issue
  14. Duraflex M Power Rear Diffuser

    Well so far for canada it's always been about 1.5 x the products price
  15. Duraflex M Power Rear Diffuser

    Well it's fiberglass it usually is sold not a 100%finished you should see the fiberglass products i get from rainbow pen ... horrible to say the least his metal and plastic products have a perfect fit usually but his fiberglass come in horribly done