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  1. Eclipse Cross

    I finally read the specs on the thing and its a new turbo engine (4B40) that can produce around 152 hp and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. I wonder if anyone has tried adding a bigger turbo or something nuts to it yet? I can't find anything on google, youtube or instagram at the moment. Anyone on here seen anything out in the web about modding the eclipse cross?
  2. 10 Years Today!

    So, anyone who bought a 07-08 Lancer, their warranty is up.
  3. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    Hi guys! Thought I would finally stop procrastinating and post my progress thread with my Lancer. 1st Day: 1st buy: Summer Rims (stock tires): 2nd Buy Pioneer Z150BH (shakey Panorama): 3rd buy Shark Fin Antenna: 4th buy Black and Blue Carbon Fiber: 5th buy Caliper Brake Paint "Metallic Gold": I'll post more picture once I find them on my HDD/facebook/photobucket Future Mods/Accessories: New Exhaust system (probably cat back) 4-2-1 Header More carbon fiber to put on pillars and dash K&N SRI Retrofit headlights Taillights (still looking for a style I like)
  4. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    So....7 weeks is how long the paint lasted on the trim. Went to a wand wash and it and came right off after blasting the general area. Back to stock
  5. FYI: EVOIV Spoiler

    I just saw this on my daily commute. If anyone wanted to swap, it will hang, and looks it will poke the back windshield
  6. 2015 lancer gts shifter?

    All I got
  7. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    So after 21 months I finally go the crack in my front trim fixed. I wanted to clear coat it, but then I saw the the black chrome kit at Canadian Tire. I got used to the darker front end, and I wanted to keep it black. So far, it looks good and has held pretty well after 1 car wash.
  8. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    Viewing angles are terrible in the daytime, but you shouldn't be looking there while driving anyways: Don't have any movies, but playing youtube shows at 720p is nice. There is an odd quirk with the way music is played. So, I was playing my iPhone music through the bluetooth, and when I skipped the track, it started playing music from my hard drive on the android music player app (BlackPlayer in this case). So, if I want to play just my iphone music I had to remove my portable hard drive from the machine or else it would default to it everytime I skipped a track using the steering wheel controls. No problems if I used the on screen controls though.
  9. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    1st day impression: Awesome I can hear my front speakers again! Not to sure what happened to the Pioneer unit, but it is not worth $350 dollars for repairs. I dunno if I can even sell it for parts. Anyways, the GPS works, bluetooth works, steering wheel controls are functional, the subwoofer is working fine and I especially love to the new equalizer is a touch screen instead of the wierd touch points the Pioneer had. The one thing that bugs me is that I can't get into the Google play store or log into my google account in general. From the looks of it, I have to manually do it all with the AKPinstaller app, but I'm not %100 sure on it. 82C17CE7-334A-494C-9B6C-7BB2F9597E30.JPG
  10. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    Thank you CDN dollar for bouncing back (even just a little) So after 4 years the Pioneer HU (Z150BH) is busted. The apple carplay feature has stopped working and after checking speakers/amp connections, was the main reason behind why some of the speakers were not turning on. Decided on get the new 10.2 inch android 6.0 HU (LINK) and I hope this one will out last, since I have never bought a 'generic' HU and had a 'huge' purchase from Aliexpress before.
  11. New Member

    Welcome! Sorry, can't help you with that. But hopefully somone else will on the board
  12. So a refresh of the Lancer is on the horizon. Mitsubishi is trying to have all future models have a similar face. Has anyone else on the forum found anything from a Mitsubishi artist? So far I can only find third party artist with their vision of what the new Lancer would look like: Old 2013 Concept: Old 2014 Concept: New 2016 Concept: Really hard to find any news for regular Lancers on web. Everything is related to the Evo or Ralliart. Most North American websites ignore Mitsubishi unless it's about the EVO/Outlander/RVR/PHEV models. If you guys have anything please share in thread.
  13. New Lancer Model Thread (Rumours, Speculation, Etc.)

    Still sad that 2017 is last in the USDM but China is still getting a new one. The new interior looks good, but the new centre display is too busy for me. The crazy thing is that they get a new cluster, and from the looks of it, was taken out of Dodge Dart (or one of the new FCA cars)
  14. New hoses scroll to the bottom to see pictures and a link
  15. New Lancer Model Thread (Rumours, Speculation, Etc.) Well, looks like 2017 is the last year. I'm still hoping for a new one to show in a couple years if their SUV/EV take off in NA. At least they are not re-badging a Sentra into AWC Lancer.
  16. My 2.4 CVT Low end power exhaust job + dyno

    Love the write up, always nice to see stuff done on a 4b12 engine. I plan to do mostly aftermarket parts (4-2-1 from SuperCircuit and Magnaflow cat-back) for the exhaust system when I pay off the Lancer (or if the exhaust system goes bad, w/e comes first)
  17. New Lancer Model Thread (Rumours, Speculation, Etc.)

    I'm assuming that its 200 hp with 110 torque for the new model. It is odd how the 2.0 is rated at 194 hp and 107 torque, unless it is not the 4B1X engines. Does anyone know what is available over in China/Asia?
  18. New member from Alberta, Canada

    Welcome kaibigan! Are you in flood area Alberta? I would not get a CAI if you do. It's too much of a hassle to switch it off when a flood happens. Drive stock, its not worth it here. The roads are terrible and if you want to go low, look at an air lift kit, (~$3000) that way you can get the best of both worlds. Exhuast is up to you. Since your 2.0l you have more options compared to 2.4l AWD models.
  19. is that a 3000GT? Good luck with the new money pit. Keep posting pictures of it though, I love what people do to theirs.
  20. New Member

    Welcome! Have you tried etsy?
  21. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    nope, I keep getting other stuff before buying that piece. It's getting annoying how life can be at times. At least the bandage looks good
  22. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    More front bumper fun! This time did the centre with help from a pro.
  23. Shift knobs recommendations? Has some nerdy ones, also it is 8x1.25 as long as your Lancer does not have the button you need to press to change gears.
  24. IMG_20160429_114410750_zpscdgsra3t.jpg

    Beautiful, but why cover the snorkel entrance?
  25. Slow Acceleration Causes Quick Rpm Drop (09 2.4L Cvt) Looks like the 2015-16 had a something happened to them. Maybe your dealer will have a good idea what to look for now?