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  1. I don't have experience with individual shocks for the Lancer, but I've heard good things about KYB as a brand. Also consider the range of travel you want if you are going to add lowering springs
  2. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Give the ECU some time to figure out the new exhaust flow and it may correct. The O2 sensors are not seeing the same readings they are used to seeing
  3. My Lancer GT

    That is really cool, I like how the body panels create that long transition from blue into silver
  4. FB-IMG-1518773938516.jpg

    Are the interior and door panels stock?
  5. My Lancer GT

    Welcome to PL! I have never seen those panel color combinations before, do you have more shots of the whole car from higher angles, front and rear? Looks intriguing.
  6. Lancer Casper

    Welcome to PL!
  7. New Member

    Welcome to PL!
  8. Mine Progress Thread

    Looks like about a finger between the tire and the fender. Not sure if I will clear the fender edge with suspension travel, will probably have to adjust camber and pull the fender a bit if stiffening the front suspension doesn't work. In other news, I found a dealer that seems to be willing to honor the warranty for my tranny bearing, so hopefully that goes smoothly. Having them replace the slave while the tranny is out. Leaving for Germany soon, it will be a long 5 weeks without working on the cars. Jeep should be inspected and ready when I get back too. Lancer future plans: Rear disc conversion Install new wheel package Get some low Aluminum belly guard? Finish headlights (someday...) Taillights (someday...) Exhaust Wrap Trunk divider Seat pads Replace EZlip HID/LED Fogs (maybe) Jeep plans: Fix clunk Fix speedo Fab front bumper Fab front fenders Radio Fix rear wiper Fix 4wd Mud
  9. Lancer GT 2.0l 2008

    Welcome to PL!
  10. Lancer ES 2016 CVT Gray

    Not sure how nasty your roads are but a clear bra is a good idea for added protection against debris and road spray
  11. Mine Progress Thread

    Did something stupid this weekend. Got the shorter end links from Whiteline, figuring I'd need them when I lowered, not thinking about the geometry of the AMR's. AMR's use end link collars on the coilover threads instead of a mount welded to the coilover base, so the Whitelines I had bought with the AMR's were the right choice. I learned this the hard way - did the install, walked away, hours later had to pick up my father for dinner and drove for 30 minutes with the sway bar smacking the frame every time the suspension traveled. Let's just say that's not a fun way to drive. Hopefully I can whip up a lower mount and have a welder slap it onto the coilover base so I can remove the collar, use the shorter links and get about another inch or so of drop. Tested with the SR08's this weekend and the drop was very driveable, with the end link collar still on the coilover I couldn't get less than a 1 finger gap. Great starting point, but I'd like a bit less gap. Otherwise the 8.5's at +30 sit super flush and are exactly what I'm looking for. Just need a bit more low. Also got the Jeep back together, pretty much everything is working except the speedo, rear wiper, and 4wd (tcase stuck in 2H, whoch is fine for a DD. for now.)
  12. Grey 2015 Lancer SE AWC Suggestions?

    Welcome to PL! Browse around the ROTM threads and you'll find pretty much all the name-brand coilovers, plus check out the suspension forum section for more details and discussions. Axle-back is a good idea for another mod, that plus the short ram will change the sound nicely. If you are running 16" wheels I'd suggest an upgrade to 18's, they will look way better lowered than the 16's IMO
  13. Fiftytwelve's Gts (Update: 02/01/18)

    Yes, a rear diff locker would be a good investment for offroading. I currently have an open diff, might pick up a locker at some point. Have a posilock for the front axle so I can do away with the vacuum 4wd engagement but that's on the old frame still which is buried in snow
  14. Getting a weird idle when coming to a stop.

    While you're checking electrical take a look at the connectors leading to all of the sensors mentioned above, looking for frayed wires, corrosion, and misaligned pins, as that could also do you in
  15. Getting a weird idle when coming to a stop.

    This may be helpful: https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/evo-engine-turbo-drivetrain/483636-symptoms-faulty-iac.html Try cleaning the throttle body. I would say check the MAF and IAC Valve and seals/gaskets. Also check for a small vacuum leak.