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  1. Here is what mine looks like. Looks like either someone used the wrong style connector on yours or didn't crimp the sleeve properly, if that even is a crimp sleeve
  2. If you are trying to figure out if that connection is leaking clean the area, turn the car on and have a buddy turn the steering wheel to full lock for a couple of seconds. At full steering lock the system pressure should be highest, so you may be able to see fluid leaking from bad connections. Just don't hold the wheel at full lock for too long, it's not great for the steering system. If I remember I'll take some photos of my bay for you tomorrow
  3. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    Throwout bearing? https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-trouble-shooting-95/strange-squeaking-belt-noise-stops-when-pressure-clutch-pedal-243316/
  4. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    Maybe try the screwdriver trick?
  5. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Glad to have you back, that before and after pic is impressive. Keep up the good work!
  6. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Woo! Glad you're getting some good service from a dealer. Let us know how the ride feels post-service
  7. I don't think it's worth it, IMO
  8. Carbon fiber and fiberglass are different materials. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger. A lot of people buy carbon fiber parts for the performance qualities AND the finish. That said, you can paint it. This post has good info on prep work: https://www.bikeforums.net/6093165-post8.html 3M is a good choice. While you're at it you could wrap the hood too - way less prep than paint. Let us know how you like the Injen - I have an Injen resonator that I'm pairing with a Greddy axle-back hopefully in the next couple of months
  9. Black 2017 GTS

    Welcome! Flickr or photobucket are good ways to upload - upload pics there and then use the sharing link in your post
  10. 2017 Octane Blue Lancer LE

    Welcome to PL! Check out Lancernation to find other owners near you. Post some pics!
  11. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    To my knowledge the difference would be in how much force the dampers exert on the hood. As long as the attachment points are sturdy I'd imagine oem struts would be fine, but I don't know for sure
  12. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Post #5 https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/evo-general/668729-hood-damper-kit.html
  13. Mine Progress Thread

    Yeah the white will be hard to keep clean. The fabric was easy to install. For the headliner I pulled the old felt off and used a good spray adhesive
  14. SE AWC new member

    Welcome to PL! A good way to upload photos is though photobucket or other free sharing sites then link in your threads and the picture usually shows up in a nice size
  15. Not sure how much awd affects gas, as I am fwd only. Exhausts: (UNDER the Performance forum) you can always get wheels powerdercoated in whatever gold you like