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  1. Mine Progress Thread

    NJ 1, me 0. Looks like I won't be selling these to fund the next setup. On the bright side - I already have wheels on order. 18x9.5 +35 should bring me nicely flush
  2. Nice to be back...

  3. Nice to be back...

    Welcome back to the Mitsu world. Pics of the '06?
  4. Mine Progress Thread

    Not much new lately, probably waiting until spring to install the disc brakes. Picked up a set of coilovers and need to find a shop to weld a flex pipe into my exhaust before installing that. She is close to 100K miles... Sounds like I have a pitted bearing in the tranny, so keeping an eye on that over the next couple of months as that could be a big repair. Changed the tranny fluid this weekend - for those wondering you will need a 24mm wrench or socket to loosen the drain and fill plugs. 2.6 Quarts/2.5L of 75W-80 MTF, I get the fluid from the dealer so I know it's the right stuff.
  5. SE AWC new member

    FYI your pics aren't visible. You probably need to make them public on the hosting site
  6. 4G69 TB on a 2012 DE CVT

    Nice. Get any pictures mid-install? Any tips or tricks?
  7. Not sure about the springs themselves but do it the safe way and buy/rent a spring compressor tool from your local auto parts store. It keeps the spring and strut from blowing apart during replacement and helps you keep the new spring seated properly on its seat while reassembling.
  8. Looking for Dallas DFW Lancer Club

    Check out LancerNation, you might find some more Evo owners there too
  9. Wicked White Lancer ES 2012

    Right on! Lucky that you can go low without having to worry about snow and ice
  10. Wicked White Lancer ES 2012

    Welcome to PL! A great way to post pics is through photobucket or flickr, you can make a free account and when you paste the share link into a post they automatically display the image in a nice scale. Lots of good ideas floating around here. Anything in particular you want to do next?
  11. You are totally correct, that was my A.C. line. Afraid I can't be much help - I don't have a reservoir like that, nor can I see any lines to or from my power steering pump. Your PS pump is located where my alternator mounts, and the PS pump is down o n the back side from what I can tell so there may not even be a line between the pump and the steering box. Without pulling the belly pan off I cannot confirm how exactly they are positioned.
  12. Here is what mine looks like. Looks like either someone used the wrong style connector on yours or didn't crimp the sleeve properly, if that even is a crimp sleeve
  13. If you are trying to figure out if that connection is leaking clean the area, turn the car on and have a buddy turn the steering wheel to full lock for a couple of seconds. At full steering lock the system pressure should be highest, so you may be able to see fluid leaking from bad connections. Just don't hold the wheel at full lock for too long, it's not great for the steering system. If I remember I'll take some photos of my bay for you tomorrow
  14. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    Throwout bearing? https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-trouble-shooting-95/strange-squeaking-belt-noise-stops-when-pressure-clutch-pedal-243316/
  15. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    Maybe try the screwdriver trick?