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  1. OOO ouch.

    Yikes. Glad you're okay, cars can be fixed
  2. Sportback GTA (AWD)

    Welcome to PL! Sounds like quite a project. Post some pics when you pick her up!
  3. New member

    Welcome! Show us your ride!
  4. Sepelio - 2017 Lancer ES 5spd

    Welcome to PL!
  5. My Lancer Race Toy

    Congrats!!! Keep it up
  6. ALL About Intake Systems

    Should fit. If not you can always cut/extend to fit
  7. Link: https://www.carid.com/whiteline/front-brace-strut-tower-mpn-ksb638.html How Long Used: Just over a month (700 miles-ish?) Advantages: Noticeably less entry roll going into corners. Exit roll still feels similar as far as weight shift, but with less entry roll it doesn't last as long. Really can feel the difference on the way into the corners. Disadvantages: A bit tighter in the bay, but is still pretty much out of the way. Adjustment can be a bit tricky to get the mounting locations to line up properly. Your Thoughts: Totally worth it. Gives more snap to the drive. Our lancers handle pretty well to start but this really tightens up the front end. Install Time: Shouldn't be more than 30 minutes. How I did it: Attach one mounting ring to the bar and tighten almost fully. Remove the nuts holding the strut to the tower. Insert the provided bushings into the holes on the mounting ring. Slip the mounting ring over the strut bolts. Attach the other mounting ring and insert the rest of the bushings. Twist the bar to adjust until all holes line up with the strut bolts. Replace strut nuts and tighten all connections Try not to drop the bushings into the engine bay - they may seem like they snap in place but they can and will still fall out (I added 1 hour of install time searching for a bushing) Your Rating 1-10: 9 - could only be better if the install was a tad easier. Also, came a bit marred in the packaging but luckily that was the underside. Would you recommend this Product: YES
  8. Along those lines - check all of the connections to your sensors. Yeah the MAF and O2 sensors are still mostly new, but the wiring could have taken a hit
  9. Lancer 2.0L DI-D

    Welcome! Knowing there was essentially no power gain I bought an SRI for the sound, absolutely love the growl. But to each their own
  10. ALL About Intake Systems

    Good to hear, some have bought those snorkels and they come with the inside all rough cut and chewed up. Going to bookmark that link
  11. If you feel like you are losing braking power then get the parts and replace them before they get to that point. Safety first. My brakes lasted 80k, then I started to feel a bit of loss so I jumped on a new set of rotors and pads and they made a huge difference, turns out I'd lost a lot more braking power than I'd thought. Again, safety first.
  12. New from scotland. 2010 lancer sportsback

    Welcome! I took a short bike tour through the Loch Lomond National Park this spring, beautiful country!
  13. DTC P0016 Crank/Cam Issue

    Chasing ghosts...
  14. IMG 4132

    rolled and pulled or just rolled?
  15. Welcome! Sweet ride!