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  1. Not sure for the nav headunit system but on the base model I have to leave the battery out for a while to drain the radio memory, last time I swapped it was a quick out-and-in and the radio presets remained.
  2. Injen Short Ram Intake

    What code is it throwing? That may help figure out the issue. I haven;t had to do a relearn procedure but I'm sure this forum or the internet has the procedure somewhere.
  3. Injen Short Ram Intake

    Have you tried replacing the gasket between the MAF and the intake? You may have a leak around a coupling, that might throw a CEL. If more air is entering the throttle body than was metered by the MAF that could be the problem. Also, have you cleaned and/or tried a different MAF (borrowed a friend's, replaced yours)? Have you tried a relearn procedure after installing?
  4. My Lancer GT

    What dimensions of vinyl did you order?
  5. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Some of these are basics, just checcking all of the boxes: Is your height still mismatched? Do your Evo X wheels have the proper hub rings (if needed)? Lugs torqued? If you were running spacers I'd say they weren't hub-centric. Are all of the bolts tight: Tie rod end to knuckle Control arm to knuckle Control arm to subframe Subframe to unibody Strut to knuckle Hub to knuckle Sway bar to end link Sway bar end link to strut Strut to strut tower Maybe disconnect the tie rods from the hub, turn the wheel back and forth and see if you get wiggle in and out of the rack. The heavy turning followed by suddenly giving way makes me think you could be having a power steering malfunction where the pump doesn't work through most of the turn then suddenly kicks back in and you already have the wheel cranked so it just gives. Maybe trace your PS lines and look for a pinch, check the fluid level. Does this only happen when moving or do you get the same heavy-then-light sensation when sitting still? How is the linkage from steering column to rack? Any chance the ABS is malfunctioning?
  6. I don't have experience with individual shocks for the Lancer, but I've heard good things about KYB as a brand. Also consider the range of travel you want if you are going to add lowering springs
  7. Denyzen Gts N/A Build

    Give the ECU some time to figure out the new exhaust flow and it may correct. The O2 sensors are not seeing the same readings they are used to seeing
  8. My Lancer GT

    That is really cool, I like how the body panels create that long transition from blue into silver
  9. FB-IMG-1518773938516.jpg

    Are the interior and door panels stock?
  10. My Lancer GT

    Welcome to PL! I have never seen those panel color combinations before, do you have more shots of the whole car from higher angles, front and rear? Looks intriguing.
  11. Lancer Casper

    Welcome to PL!
  12. New Member

    Welcome to PL!
  13. Mine Progress Thread

    Looks like about a finger between the tire and the fender. Not sure if I will clear the fender edge with suspension travel, will probably have to adjust camber and pull the fender a bit if stiffening the front suspension doesn't work. In other news, I found a dealer that seems to be willing to honor the warranty for my tranny bearing, so hopefully that goes smoothly. Having them replace the slave while the tranny is out. Leaving for Germany soon, it will be a long 5 weeks without working on the cars. Jeep should be inspected and ready when I get back too. Lancer future plans: Rear disc conversion Install new wheel package Get some low Aluminum belly guard? Finish headlights (someday...) Taillights (someday...) Exhaust Wrap Trunk divider Seat pads Replace EZlip HID/LED Fogs (maybe) Jeep plans: Fix clunk Fix speedo Fab front bumper Fab front fenders Radio Fix rear wiper Fix 4wd Mud
  14. Lancer GT 2.0l 2008

    Welcome to PL!
  15. Lancer ES 2016 CVT Gray

    Not sure how nasty your roads are but a clear bra is a good idea for added protection against debris and road spray