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  1. You are totally correct, that was my A.C. line. Afraid I can't be much help - I don't have a reservoir like that, nor can I see any lines to or from my power steering pump. Your PS pump is located where my alternator mounts, and the PS pump is down o n the back side from what I can tell so there may not even be a line between the pump and the steering box. Without pulling the belly pan off I cannot confirm how exactly they are positioned.
  2. Here is what mine looks like. Looks like either someone used the wrong style connector on yours or didn't crimp the sleeve properly, if that even is a crimp sleeve
  3. If you are trying to figure out if that connection is leaking clean the area, turn the car on and have a buddy turn the steering wheel to full lock for a couple of seconds. At full steering lock the system pressure should be highest, so you may be able to see fluid leaking from bad connections. Just don't hold the wheel at full lock for too long, it's not great for the steering system. If I remember I'll take some photos of my bay for you tomorrow
  4. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    Throwout bearing? https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-trouble-shooting-95/strange-squeaking-belt-noise-stops-when-pressure-clutch-pedal-243316/
  5. 4a92 Engine Squeak Below the intake port

    Maybe try the screwdriver trick?
  6. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Glad to have you back, that before and after pic is impressive. Keep up the good work!
  7. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Woo! Glad you're getting some good service from a dealer. Let us know how the ride feels post-service
  8. I don't think it's worth it, IMO
  9. Carbon fiber and fiberglass are different materials. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger. A lot of people buy carbon fiber parts for the performance qualities AND the finish. That said, you can paint it. This post has good info on prep work: https://www.bikeforums.net/6093165-post8.html 3M is a good choice. While you're at it you could wrap the hood too - way less prep than paint. Let us know how you like the Injen - I have an Injen resonator that I'm pairing with a Greddy axle-back hopefully in the next couple of months
  10. Black 2017 GTS

    Welcome! Flickr or photobucket are good ways to upload - upload pics there and then use the sharing link in your post
  11. 2017 Octane Blue Lancer LE

    Welcome to PL! Check out Lancernation to find other owners near you. Post some pics!
  12. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    To my knowledge the difference would be in how much force the dampers exert on the hood. As long as the attachment points are sturdy I'd imagine oem struts would be fine, but I don't know for sure
  13. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Post #5 https://www.evolutionm.net/forums/evo-general/668729-hood-damper-kit.html
  14. Mine Progress Thread

    Yeah the white will be hard to keep clean. The fabric was easy to install. For the headliner I pulled the old felt off and used a good spray adhesive
  15. Current Mods: Red floor glow, front and rear Red trunk light RGB LED grille glow Fog light kit w/ HID conversion 6000K White LED front markers Smoked side markers 18" stock Ralliart wheels, dipped charcoal w/ red flake, summer tires Hubcaps removed from 16" stock steels, winter tires Rally Armor basic mud flaps, front Custom interior trim paint Future Mods: Fix grille lighting Heated seats (puchased) Additional Aux power (purchased) Aux fuse block (purchased) Aux switch panel (purchased) Rear mud flaps (purchased) Custom tails (WIP) Retrofit projector heads w/ HID conversion Coils & links 3rd brake light custom cover Hood actuators Engine bay lighting Rear window visor Duckbill trunk lip Roof rack Window tint (~30%) Short shift w/ aluminum bushings Brought her home in April, 2012 Since then: The grille had a brief stint with solid red before I went to RGB Now I run white grille glow: I had these in for a while, but sadly this is not legal in NYS. Looked amazing though Before and After smoking the side signals: Pulled off the plastics for a day or two: As she is today:
  16. SE AWC new member

    Welcome to PL! A good way to upload photos is though photobucket or other free sharing sites then link in your threads and the picture usually shows up in a nice size
  17. Not sure how much awd affects gas, as I am fwd only. Exhausts: (UNDER the Performance forum) you can always get wheels powerdercoated in whatever gold you like
  18. Mine Progress Thread

    All of the Bride fabric was ordered online, I think from Alibaba or similar
  19. Andy's RA

    Looks good!
  20. Hood and Spoiler will fit, bumpers will not since the Evo is wider than the Lancer. I believe someone has made the front fenders work, but I'm not sure how that came out. Duraflex is made of fiberglass, so it's cheap, but prone to cracking and will require some slight trimming to get the kit to line up properly. Plus it can be difficult to repair should you damage the parts, so I would not recommend shelling out a lot of money on fiberglass aero that will be at risk of impact or scraping. I would recommend going with a poly plastic, as they flex under impact and are easier to repair. I ordered this bumper and am happy with it, though it did not come with clips for wiring harnesses and not all of the mounting points matched up http://www.ebay.com/itm/08-15-Mitsubishi-Lancer-EVO-PP-Rear-Bumper-Conversion-Cover-Single-Outlet-/391735331852?fits=Model%3ALancer&epid=1844549969&hash=item5b353ecc0c:g:IkgAAOSwhQhY0dzc&vxp=mtr Not sure if Ikon sells a front bumper or full kit though. I don;t know about VLand but some people have found that the DRL light tubes in the headlights were rather dim and have upgraded the LEDs to make them brighter, so keep that in mind. If you get them and they are too dim, you can do the upgrade. You may have issues with the LED tails, usually this can be solved with a resistor kit of some sort, check out the forums because I know this has been an issue and has been resolved. Plastidip will probably hold up alright on the roof, but I'd go vinyl. I got dipped this summer and am not as happy with it as I wanted to be, should have saved for a wrap. Especially if you are going to put on a roof rack, as that may wear through the dip faster than vinyl or paint. As for painting, I cannot stress enough to use a proper automotive clear coat. Even if you use rattle can enamel for colors, use an automotive clear, I use JC630 (or something like that) which is a medium-hard clear. They make a sprayer called a PreVal that is just an aerosol canister with a reservoir that you can put whatever you want into it and spray like a rattle can, so if you don't have/want to invest in a sprayer kit that is an easy way to go for small jobs. Surface prep is key - clean, then scuff with a Brillo pad, then clean, then clean again - the better the prep the better result you'll see in the end. Obviously true automotive paint will give the best results, but I understand budgeting the job. If you are going to paint, spend the money on the clear coat. Not sure about Vivid, Avery and 3M are usually preferred. If Vivid has air release that will make your life way easier - you can work the air bubbles out without having to completely pull up the vinyl. Lots of options, haven't heard of a bad one yet. Be aware of heat in the summer - some of the metal ones get rather hot sitting in the sun. Not my field of expertise Borla, Greddy, Injen, Tsudo Racing are common exhaust brands. You can also go with cheaper mufflers and/or resonators and build your own system. Be sure to get the exhaust that matches your model year - exhaust routing changed between 2011 and 2012 for our cars and I don't know if the 2017 model has any changes itself. I would say keep a resonator - that should help you avoid being too ricey. Check out Youtube for sound clips and there is an "All About Exhaust" thread on here that can help you decide. Mag style lugs or gold wheels? Either way check online, there are lots of options out there. Amazon and Ebay have a bunch of lug options Rock on man, keep us updated
  21. New car guy

    Hey, welcome! Lots of ideas and information on here, and if you have specific questions ask away. Good luck with your research and purchase
  22. Backup Camera

    Maybe pull up a wiring diagram and check that you tapped the correct white wire in the trunk for the camera power. Does the tranny light only come on when in reverse? Where is your camera power grounded?
  23. Fix Rust

    Yeah, pretty much. It's just surface rust, so it sands or grinds off and can be painted over without issue. Not compromising integrity or causing holes, but if left untreated could in the future
  24. Need help on my lancer es

    There is a lot more you can do, depends on what you want to do. Check out some member build threads and see if any of those ideas appeal to you, some of us also link the parts we use so they are easier to find
  25. RPM hover after TB swap

    Hmm, odd. Afraid I don't have any insight on this one. Good luck