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  1. P2122 throttle positon sensor?

    Yes, you have a throttle sensor. It is the black piece on the side of the TB. Looks like security-style torx screws keep it on the TB.
  2. Mine Progress Thread

    I didn't have much choice. The new wheels came in so I needed to test fit within the exchange window in case the specs were too aggressive, so I had to install the coils. Turns out the fronts would have needed spacing, so I'm glad I did. Those end links are way beefier than the stock ones but quite nearly too long - I'm hoping that when I take the last 1/2" out of the length this weekend the sway bar stops popping. I'll have to pick up some shorter links for when I lower, as well as rear camber arms. May do rear adjustable LCAs if budget allows. New wheels spec at 18x8.5 +30. May need to get flares, we'll see how they sit with camber.
  3. Current Mods: Red floor glow, front and rear Red trunk light RGB LED grille glow Fog light kit w/ HID conversion 6000K White LED front markers Smoked side markers 18" stock Ralliart wheels, dipped charcoal w/ red flake, summer tires Hubcaps removed from 16" stock steels, winter tires Rally Armor basic mud flaps, front Custom interior trim paint Future Mods: Fix grille lighting Heated seats (puchased) Additional Aux power (purchased) Aux fuse block (purchased) Aux switch panel (purchased) Rear mud flaps (purchased) Custom tails (WIP) Retrofit projector heads w/ HID conversion Coils & links 3rd brake light custom cover Hood actuators Engine bay lighting Rear window visor Duckbill trunk lip Roof rack Window tint (~30%) Short shift w/ aluminum bushings Brought her home in April, 2012 Since then: The grille had a brief stint with solid red before I went to RGB Now I run white grille glow: I had these in for a while, but sadly this is not legal in NYS. Looked amazing though Before and After smoking the side signals: Pulled off the plastics for a day or two: As she is today:
  4. hello

    Welcome to PL! Lots of ideas on this site for tinkering. Post some pics of your ride! Any first mods planned?
  5. New car guy looking to learn

    Performance gains will be modest unless you go with forced induction. There are a couple of well-documented projects for this, check out TFlash for his write-ups, pretty sure Blizzard25 also has some good turbo info. Common performance mods that are pretty easy include exhaust and intakes, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades. Lightweight pulleys are also available, not sure how easy those are to swap. As for styling you have a lot of choices, really best to browse photos until you find something you like. Interior details are good starting points (shift knobs, sill plates) , or painting/dipping/wrapping parts to mix it up. You should start a build thread to track your progress and post some photos of where you are starting. Happy modding!
  6. New car guy looking to learn

    Welcome to PL! Head on over to the member rides section of the forum and take a look at some build threads. You can see where others started and where they ended up and that can give you a great place to start. Are you looking for performance gains? Styling changes? There is a lot of great info on this site, peruse for a bit and ask away.
  7. My first lancer

    Welcome to PL! Wheels and tint are good. For aesthetic mods many people get lips, side skirt extensions, diffusers, stuff like that. Headlights are also a popular mod. On the performance side exhaust and/or intakes are good places to start. Start a build thread and let's see some pics!
  8. Transmission Bearing

    Welp it sounds like I have a bad transmission bearing. I took it to the dealer and had a tech ride along, he confirmed what I suspected. When I called about a warranty fix they said I'd have to provide receipts for the fluids from previous services, since I did the changes myself. The car is at 96K, this is the only issue I've had. I don't have the receipts from all of my changes, so far only found one. I'd love to tell them the reason I won;t go the dealer for service but that won;t get me anywhere... Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has dropped the tranny for bearing replacement and how involved that process is, whether it is worth just getting a new lower-mileage 5-spd or dealing with it myself. Comments and advice appreciated.
  9. "mitsuru" By Lancer Bass

    I'm surprised it came off so soon
  10. New Member from WA State

    Welcome! As for the 2015+ aftermarket, it seems that most items from 08-14 should still work, with a couple of exceptions. Post some pics of your ride and happy modding!
  11. Welcome! More pics?
  12. Awesome! If freezing is your issue you can put a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water into a spray bottle and spray the latch through the grille next time it freezes up, which may break up any moisture that has frozen the latch
  13. Mine Progress Thread

    Totally, hit me up if you're in the area. Bummer about the CVT...5-speed swap time?
  14. 3 ways: 1: Remove the a fog light bezel and see if you can reach up to the mechanism. It's a stretch, but you might be able to get to it that way. If you have fog lights there may not be enough room. 2: Remove the belly guard. There are about 20 push clips that hold it in place and the whole thing comes off in one piece. This may let you reach up to the release. 3: Do all of the steps to remove the front bumper that don't require you to be under the hood. 1 screw at each rear corner (screw points upward at the edge of the wheel well), push clips just forward of the wheel well (underneath), push clips in the wheel well (forward, down low, point towards front of car), 2 screws behind 2 plastic covers in the center of the grille behind the factory plate location, 5 bolts across the bottom that hold the bumper to the plastic underbelly. Pop the corners of the bumper loose, this should also give you some wiggle room to get arms up behind the bumper. Before you do any hard pulling on the bumper it may be a good idea to warm the plastic a bit so it's a less brittle, that way you don't snap any of the thin plastic bits. None of these are great options, be they are the best I've got. Maybe time for a new release cable? Good luck!
  15. How many O2 sensors does the ES have?

    I've got a 2012 and I've only come across 2 o2 sensors
  16. Mine Progress Thread

    Thanks, glad you like it. I started with pretty much zero mechanical knowledge but between the Lancer and the Jeep I suddenly have accumulated quite a bit. Stick to it, do your research, take you time with it and before you know it you'll learn a lot. I have not done many performance mods (most of my work has been aesthetic or practical). I have a K&N short ram intake and heat shield and just installed AMR coilovers with adjustable sway bar end links. Not sure if a short shifter is a performance mod or not, but it sure makes the shifting zippy. If you are in/near NYC, north Jersey, or the Albany area I'd be happy to lend a hand.
  17. Mine Progress Thread

    As it turns out all 4 wheels (and my alignment) fell to NJ roads. Cracked barrel (above), cracked lip at the inner bead, and two with deformed lips. So it's time for a new setup. Tried 10x9.5 +35 - the test fit looked sick and the rim lined up exactly where I want it but I won't have suspension clearance on the fronts. So on to another option. Finally installed the AMR coils that @jRox sold me a couple months back. I do need to soften the rears a bit and get the adjustment knob extensions but overall I'm quite satisfied. Left ride height stock for the winter and got my alignment done. No more saggy rear!
  18. CVT metal grinding type noise

    I have a noise around 3K or so, tech thinks it's a pitted bearing in the tranny. Hopefully its just the heat shield for you. Not sure the best way to diagnose bearings in a CVT - we were able to tell what it was because I would put the clutch in and the noise went away.
  19. new lip

    Looks sick! What lip is this? Do you have a side profile pic?
  20. Tsudo N1 vs. SRS Axleback exhaust

    If I remember correctly we run 2.25" piping stock. May be mistaken on that though. But yes, you can do this, you just need to make sure it will fit and mount the way you want it, cut out the old muffler, and weld in the new one. You may also need to trim the bumper to fit the tip properly depending on your setup
  21. Mine Progress Thread

    NJ 1, me 0. Looks like I won't be selling these to fund the next setup. On the bright side - I already have wheels on order. 18x9.5 +35 should bring me nicely flush
  22. Nice to be back...

  23. Nice to be back...

    Welcome back to the Mitsu world. Pics of the '06?
  24. Mine Progress Thread

    Not much new lately, probably waiting until spring to install the disc brakes. Picked up a set of coilovers and need to find a shop to weld a flex pipe into my exhaust before installing that. She is close to 100K miles... Sounds like I have a pitted bearing in the tranny, so keeping an eye on that over the next couple of months as that could be a big repair. Changed the tranny fluid this weekend - for those wondering you will need a 24mm wrench or socket to loosen the drain and fill plugs. 2.6 Quarts/2.5L of 75W-80 MTF, I get the fluid from the dealer so I know it's the right stuff.
  25. SE AWC new member

    FYI your pics aren't visible. You probably need to make them public on the hosting site