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  1. Basic tips

    Hey man, I have a 2015 GT at 28k miles. At 30k what all do I need to replace/change/check? (Moderate mechanical knowledge but I will probably take it to the stealership due to lack of time). Thanks!
  2. IMG-20161011-081915133.jpg

    From the album 2015 Gt

  3. Bumper for sale

    Pics? username + date? details? isn't there rules for FS posts? Anyway what color is it?
  4. 2015 K&N Sri

    From the album 2015 Gt

    Been awhile
  5. New To Project Lancer

    welcome to place!
  6. Will Muteki sr48s work with Drag DR 31?
  7. 2015 Rally Red Lancer Se Awc

    My dealership said CVT fluid is good until 60,000 miles.. I still check mine every oil change tho, better safe than sorry
  8. Would It Fit?

    Thank you. Sorry for all the questions this my first time modding a car. Very clean Gts btw.
  9. Would It Fit?

    This is the look I'm going for. I found this on an Evo forum and it says this picture is running 225/40/18 9x18 et27..
  10. Would It Fit?

    Ok thank you. Would you suggest 225 or 235 for a DD? So if I go with 9in and 38 offset, do you know how exactly it will sit without a spacer? Slight poke, semi flush, or sunk in? Would you recommend 8in over 9in?
  11. Would It Fit?

    Sup pL. I'm looking at 225/40/18 on 9in x 18 rim, stock suspension. I want it looking flush but maybe a very very slight poke is acceptable, should I do 38 or 28 offset? Will I have rubbing issues? sharp turns? I need help before I spend $$! I've searched all over Google, can't seem to find any pictures or answers for a Lancer. any help would be awesome. thanks
  12. Keegan's 2010 Gts

    Welcome! from San Angelo.
  13. 'the Blue Meetzoo' [2015 Lancer Gt Awc]

    Stupid ppl. Glad everything worked out and your lancer is looking good
  14. Lancer Totaled Out By Accident

    Moving on to better things! positive outlook is everything.