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  1. PAINTED Duck Bill Spoiler Install

    Looks good bro. And I like the interior wrap too
  2. That's cool to see man! Good luck with it!
  3. I agree with what he said ^^ It'll definitely make things go a lot smoother. I have Tein S-Tech springs on mine. They're about a 2 inch drop. The ride is pretty rough, but the car sits nice and corners nice, and they were pretty cheap so I'd say they're worth it.
  4. Aluminum Crank Pulley - Rrm Or Rpw?

    I'm also curious ^^
  5. Tire/Rim Size Help!

    I have the 18x7 stock Lancer GTS wheels with 225/45/18 tires. I'm lowered on Tein S-Tech springs which is about a 2 inch drop. I've had no issues with rubbing whatsoever after almost two years.
  6. Tire/Rim Size Help!

    You should be able to find your answer in this thread. Lotta info. You can go low without having to roll the fenders because the stock wheels are thin, but if you do go with wider wheels, you will have to roll and possibly pull your fenders depending exactly how wide and how low you go.
  7. The White Bagrichthys Macracanthus

    Glad life is heading back in the right direction for you man. Car is absolutely gorgeous. Keep us updated
  8. 2017 Octane Blue Lancer LE

    Welcome to PL man! Lotta good info on here. Not sure if we have any other Vermont members on here, but try to look up some local facebook groups in your area. You can usually find some meets on there. Best of luck!
  9. Need help on my lancer es

    Welcome to PL, man! Sounds like you got an awesome build, any pics? Also, as for mods, if you haven't lowered yet, that's a good mod. Even just springs will really tighten up the car and make it feel a lot better around corners, not to mention the looks.
  10. ChristophrHall Lancer

    Beautiful tail lights. Very nice pickup
  11. New Member

    Welcome to PL man!
  12. CVT Problem After Road Trip

    Okay cool, I'll try that next time it happens, thank you for the input!
  13. CVT Problem After Road Trip

    Alright PL, so I took my car on a roadtrip today. Drove a few hundred miles on the highway. However, when I got off the exit ramp, and tried to turn at the light, my car was extremely sluggish. I had my foot to the floor, and I was hardly going anywhere. as if I was barely on the throttle. It was almost kinda like the clutch wasn't fully engaged. I was wondering what would be the cause of this, and if any of you CVT guys have experienced this before. The car eventually went back to normal after a couple minutes of city driving, so I'm thinking the ECU or the CVT needed some time to adjust, perhaps? Lmk what you guys think.
  14. Finding new coilovers.

    gstacruz777 hit the nail on the head. There's nothing wrong with springs, but coilovers will give you a lot more adjustment to tweak the ride height and stiffness to your comfort. I personally went with Tein lowering springs about a couple years ago, and I wish I would've just saved up and went with coils in the first place. I'd be able to go lower, and I'm sure the ride would be a bit better because the stock struts aren't really made to handle the stiffer springs.
  15. Lacy 2010 Gts Progress

    Thank you!