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  1. Wicked White Lancer ES 2012

    Right now Im trying to find the stock suspension since one of my Tein popped on the rear strut, so I do not want to be immobile since I use the car to get around everywhere in Miami. I just got off the phone with Megan Racing and I'm getting a hell of a deal of their Street Coilvers and now the car will run proper.
  2. Sup everyone, I see was a pinned meet for SOFL but no one ever responded. Is there a SOFL meet by any chance?
  3. Wicked White Lancer ES 2012

    Sup everyone, Got my Lancer used in 2014 with 24k, now its 2017 with 80K and no real mods. Only thing that has been added to the car has been an upgrade to the GTS Rims with 225/45/18s, a rhino roof rack and Tein Coilovers. Besides that, just looking around for parts, groups, ideas and such. I would inset a pic of my ride but it doesn't let me. Peace, Darwin