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  1. do you have the oem airbox assembly with snorkel, box, screws, filter, hose etc? 95829 really interested.

    1. Lancerlot


      sorry i don't 


    Sounds like not enough air. Post pictures of the setup you made.
  3. Do you still have the evo x cams for sale

  4. Slow Acceleration Causes Quick Rpm Drop (09 2.4L Cvt)

    First off, it's a metal band. He's correct that it won't adjust under hheavy load conditions such as WOT It's a large rumor that when CVTs first came out, people hated them because they were just so weird to drive. Manufacturers then added a "simulated first gear" where, like in your video, the RPMs drop then pick back up again as if it was switching gears like in an automatic. This is normal. I've paid attention to when I drive/ride in a CVT and every single one does the same. You just have to accept it lol. As long as it is only on initial acceleration, there are no problems. If it does this ALL the time, then you have an issue.
  5. Slow Acceleration Causes Quick Rpm Drop (09 2.4L Cvt)

    I don't have AWC but i was driving with two tail lights disconnected this whole time basically when it started ill keep you guys updated when i get the lights back on
  6. Slow Acceleration Causes Quick Rpm Drop (09 2.4L Cvt)

    There's a lot of CVT owners with this problem, myself included. Personally, here's my theory copied and pasted from another page: "i'm pretty sure it's a small vacuum leak so the CVT (computer, whatever) just gets confused as fuck with the air (unmetered air being possibly picked up by the O2) and fuel trims and doesn't know what to do with the ratios; whereas when you're in sport mode you're using "preset CVT simulated speeds" so it'll stay the same all the way. At least that's what happens with me; no hesitation in sport mode. I also noticed that during WOT there's no hesitation at all; but that might be because during WOT the computer doesn't use closed loop input but instead uses predetermined data to calculate shit" Our tuner Rick thinks it's related to his throttle patch; however, this is a problem even on cars that are not tuned and also have stock CVT/computer. Also, I have a feeling that in some cases it has to do with the pedal. I have yet to test it in cruise control (my CC buttons don't work, going to fix that soon) to prove my theory; but I think that it might be hard to keep a perfectly steady position on the pedal during acceleration, and the slightest movement causes the CVT to slow down a little bit, until you're like "WTF" and press down on the throttle a little bit harder. If anyone can verify if this happens in cruise control or not, that would be awesome.
  7. Suspension - Noob needs help

    Depending on tires and wheels, you may need to roll fenders. Minter is right, though. In the long run coilovers are a much better purchase. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi PL, So a while back I had to cut my connectors off and put butt connectors so I could hook up my after market tail lights. Long story short, I wasn't thinking and lost the old connectors. So now I need to solder new ones on, and I need help identifying the proper connectors to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My Lancer Race Toy

    Mixing fuels doesn't give you any issues? Also pretty clean engine for running so rich.
  10. My Lancer Race Toy

    What AFR are you running, and what octane are you tuned on?
  11. My New Project Car

    Sorry, I don't think I can do shipping to Canada w/ the trunk. If anyone else is interested in anything, PM me. I'm not parting out just yet but you can get first dibs if you PM me
  12. My New Project Car

    Haven't posted in a long time. Actually plan on parting out the car soon, so lmk if you're interested in anything
  13. Looking to see if anyone knows what kind of connectors (male and female) are used for our tail lights. I need to solder a new connector on to put the OEM tail lights back on and I don't have the old ones.
  14. Stretched Tires

    Yes. If you put a tire like that on a wide wheel like that, then yes, that will result in it stretching.
  15. Awful Throttle Response

    Headers Intake Throttle body Tune