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  1. Show Em Off

    I had to come back and post with the spoiler on, since it makes such a big difference. It's an eBay evo style spoiler, I spent $175 to have it come already painted the factory Labrador Black Pearl, just had to drill holes in the trunk and install it: I just bought this 2006 Mazdaspeed 6 next to it, so the lancer will probably stay the way it is now, slow but sexy
  2. Show Em Off

    Forgive me for not knowing this earlier, but I just realized that this is a sexy re-brand of a Lancer! The Malaysian "Proton Inspira" is basically a lancer but it looks like it comes stock with those bumpers? You added the lip though right? Anything else that you know of that's different from other markets?
  3. Show Em Off

    Thanks! Trying to stay classy San Diego!
  4. Show Em Off

    Just got new rims (had other 18s but didn't like them as much), Evo style spoiler is in the mail! It's lowered like 1.25" front and 1" rear, with 17x8 +38 offset and 235/40/17. Painted the interior trim burgundy, little classier than the racing red I think.
  5. HID conversion

    I used this to convert my halogens to HID: http://a.co/azmNJt1 If you got something similar, you don't NEED anything else, but I bought this anyway: http://a.co/3SATEeB because $8. Maybe at least seeing that kit that I did successfully use (2011 Lancer ES MT) will help!
  6. Background: I decided since I have a pretty technical background I should be able to learn to tune my own car, so I bought a tactrix openport 2.0 cable and started in a couple days ago. I read the rom from my 2011 Lancer ES 2.0 MT using ecuflash no problem, and saved it a few places. Then came getting the rom defined so I could read the tables in ecuflash. I found a definition file for an Outlander sport that was wrtten by "Merlin", who comes up all over with this stuff, so I think he is some sort of legend now. I used the scaling and tables from that definition to make my own file, and I think that's going well so far. I attached the rom and definition here and maybe someone can look at them and confirm that the maps / addresses look right. Question: I now need to enable Mode 23 so I can log the data from the ECU. The trouble is, the hex addresses to use in the Mode 23 table are different for each rom, and those lines weren't included in the definition I found. I understand how hex and binary numbers work, but I can't look at hex and see words or anything magic like that, so I need either some help with how to proceed or someone who can pinpoint the addresses needed to enable Mode 23 on my particular rom. I have the lines for enabling the logging in the definition file as the first tables under the scalings, but the addresses there are likely not correct for this rom. I'm not sure this rom ID is even correct, so please DO NOT BLINDLY USE THIS to flash your car or something, I take no responsibility for what you do to your car, etc. Thanks to anyone who can offer any guidance or help. 56050017.bin 56050017.xml
  7. RA hood and Ezlip

    I agree, I saw another 2016+ recently and was really put off by that rounded change on the front, but this looks great, very classy!
  8. Found these Motegi MR127 17x8 +38 on amazon for like $107 per wheel and free shipping... Got some Nankang NS-20 235/40/17 for about $60 per tire, bringing total to just under $800 after mount / balance and install. Feels a touch more "floaty" but could just be me coming from 18s and I'll get used to it. I feel like it looks more mature now, any thoughts?




    Old rims: (the middle is all plasti dipped black like that)


  9. Dk (Dark Knight) Progress Thread

    Yes and yes! I didn't think about the inside, good point. You using a write-up for the LED conversion, it's one thing I'm dying to do, and I fix computers and stuff, have soldering iron and all, just have been actually kind of afraid to break some expensive part in there and haven't done it. Are you doing dash too? Blue? Also here's an odd question aimed at luxury, any idea if it's possible (feasible) to change the HVAC to a temperature controlled type system, you know where you set it at 74 and never have to touch it again? My Maxima had that and I've missed it in the lancer...
  10. Dk (Dark Knight) Progress Thread

    Ohhh those thanks! Yeah I've seen some cool ones with Batman symbols and mitsu logos and such. The idea for single door triggered does sound neat, but would it matter? If the door is closed wouldn't you not see the light anyway? Just thinking out loud, guess maybe there could be some glow through a crack that'd be noticeable if it's dark enough out. What would be really awesome is a light that literally said "welcome" on the ground! If I find that I'm doing it no lie.
  11. Dk (Dark Knight) Progress Thread

    What's a welcome light? I want my car to welcome me with lights too.
  12. Dk (Dark Knight) Progress Thread

    Ran it inside through the firewall and tied into the overhead lights! It wasn't really even hard, just gotta figure out which wire is for door lights, I think I had googled and found a thread about it. And yeah I thought about doing a manual bypass switch to turn them on when I felt like it but didn't bother because I would never drive with it on either. This way only works on door / unlock unless you add a toggle.
  13. Dk (Dark Knight) Progress Thread

    Well, all my images are broken and such, and I've done some new stuff since I posted here so I figured I'd update and kinda recap images again here. Thanks for looking! When I first got the rims: Then I lowered it and today I dipped the inner part of the rims, and the center of the center caps (and I added PL stickers like a month ago): Burgundy Interior: Burgundy Interior 2: DC Sports muffler (with silencer cause I don't like it too loud): Dipped Grille: My custom phone dock with wireless charger: Dock being built with clay (I tried a few things, ended up with a plastic stuff but still working on improving looks: Dock installed (Head unit is below, phone connects via bluetooth): I used to have a tablet in the dash that looked really nice, even made a custom UI for it, but was riddled with issues like not charging well and overheating (It's always 80 here in Daytona Beach): And last, my LED lights in the grille, this is a video so you'd have to click it, should play though I think. It is only on with the door / unlock so that's me locking and unlocking it obviously. It's really pretty useless, but cool! http://gomobileseven.com/lancer/grille-led.mp4
  14. HID Kit

    Not sure about legalities in your area, or any for that matter, but I got these in 8000k (they have lots) for my2011 ES(probably same bulb setup as yours) and they're fine and inexpensive: http://amzn.com/B008YFTBJE They work fine, though I did order the anti-flicker kit after because it seemed like they had a little flickering: http://amzn.com/B00HTOB0NG I still haven't installed the anti-flicker kit though, and any flickering they are doing isn't noticeable when driving around, so depending on how picky you are (I think I only noticed the flickering when I was standing there looking at them) you may or may not care. Also, I definitely blew one of the bulbs when I was hooking them up because the instructions are terrible, but they give the general idea. I plugged one in backwards I think, but then I wrote them and told them I'm not sure if it was not working or I broke it, and could I buy a single replacement bulb (I was willing to buy it obviously)and they just sent me one for free, so the customer service is good too.
  15. 2015 Lancer SE Air Intake MAS?

    You mean because the MAF sensor doesn't mount into a universal style intake right? I made one with a piece like this, though not this exact one, but it looks like it would work: http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/Univ/Spectre/Mass_Air_Flow_Sensor_Adapter/S719405.html?apwcid=gglpla&gclid=CNzv5-LogswCFYKBaQodgK8BCQ It is important to make sure the inner diameter is the correct size, I left it at 3" and it was too much for the ECU to compensate and the car ran like crap, not even driveable crap. After putting in one of those adapters to make it smaller (I also sort of made my own piece there) at the sensor (I think it was about2.5") it runs fine now. It would be best to just get a good intake if you can afford a little more, they make them specific for our cars and the headache of adapting with sleeves and clamps and MAF adapters is barely worth the cost difference. In short, yes you can run an intake just get one specific to your car or be prepared to buy adapters and sleeves and clamps, along with an intake filter and piping of course.