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  1. The White Hornet

    haven't been on in a minute. currently working on an ecu flash from mr. rick so i'll post up a review after
  2. My Lancer Race Toy

    do you plan on upping the hp? if so, how?
  3. Pedal Commander??? Any one??

    personally dont see it being worth the money. that's about the cost of a tune which you'd get throttle response and hp out of. Plus i kinda have doubts it even works that well or i feel more people would talk about it. up to you whether you want to invest though
  4. Having Fun With My Car

    im a few hundred miles south of you so maybe not quite as bad but i totally understand how you feel. thankfully it's been raining a lot
  5. Having Fun With My Car

    someone needs a wash. is the car matte? looks good. would look better clean
  6. My Lancer Race Toy

    i make the assumption the fwdhurts your time a bit in corners. but isn't an open diff better for corners???
  7. My Lancer Race Toy

    are you FWD?
  8. Probably the dumbest question ever...

    i agree with crosxs. I personally recommend going SRI first. SRI because a CAI probably isnt a good idea for florida. it will improve sound and with a tune it'll add a few hp as well. as for an exhaust, you could do a full system but with lower hp cars like ours there's not much of a point. I have the K&N typhoon intake paired with the Greddy RS. Both are very reputable companies and from my experience both products are amazing. the rs will add a nice deep sound to the car. most likely about as deep and you can really get with a 2.0 or 2.4l. it has a nice rumble as idle and in the low range, and at about 3200-3500 rpms it really roars up. into the higher range it does get a higher pitch to it but paired with an sri it's more of a "racecar" noise if you will as opposed to a ricey sound. at least in my opinion. also depends a bit on your tanny as odd as that seems. my cvt gives a bit of a whine when driving, and i also dont get much of the "gurgling" or popping sound you'd get with a 5 speed.
  9. Orange grill.. need feedback

    honestly kinda like the mirrors too! do the emblems as well. they'll pop really well.
  10. Mine Progress Thread

    gotta go for a drive eventually man! not too many others in our area i'd care to do anything with. whats the dress up kit exactly?
  11. New Member

    welcome fellow new yorker. i'm in the same boat as you in terms of learning things about the inner working of cars. i've been on here a little under a year and have already learned tons of stuff. granted mostly about lancers but its still awesome to learn. post up some pics!!
  12. Lancer Es To Evo X

    i bought my car last march. now suddenly i'm seeing cheaper evos and RAs in my range and it legitimately hurts inside because i really dont want to flip payments at all.
  13. Purrfect's 2015 Evo Mr

    basically brand new suspension, most likely every aspect, new brakes (brembo isnt cheap), exhaust alone is probably 1000 ish for an evo. probably over charge for mudflaps because racecar. a lot of man hours as well. if she has a friend in the shop i doubt they'll really try to screw her over (granted still possible) but i'm gonna say with everything added up..... yeah no 12k sounds like a lot. parts i'm gonna say will add up to maybe 6k? give or take. i'm gonna say labor will be about 10 total hours. now, this is all my guess going off of the pictures. i of course cant see under the car so they may be seeing a whole lot more. but definitely ask for a parts list for every little thing so you can see the charges.
  14. Purrfect's 2015 Evo Mr

    also sad to see your car. Thats why when i let people drive, they cant go over 2500 rpms