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  1. How many O2 sensors does the ES have?

    Having had to replace my entire exhaust system in my 2011 including the manifold, 49-state Lancers would have, as Mine indicated, two sensors. Make sure the new front sensor has the long pigtail. Good luck!
  2. 4B12 cat converter

    Well, finally got the car back, but woke up a couple of days later with a detached retina, which only allows me to drive in the daytime in familiar surroundings. It sounds good with the headers and full 2.5" exhaust, which may have resulted in greater mileage. Only time will tell. As for performance, I sense a difference, but that could just be wishful thinking. If the only benefit is mileage, then that alone makes the changes worthwhile, as that new full exhaust cost a third of the price of the restrictive stock one, including NTK sensors. The headers alone were $100+ less than the stock manifold. The Magnaflow cat and muffler sound nice; not too loud, but a nice mellow sound...to my ears anyway. I'll post an update on highway performance after I get my eye fixed....
  3. Smart or Stupid?

    Don't want to be a naysayer here, but these cars already have something of a cold air intake in that the air is sucked in from the front under the hood, with a greater degree of dust prevention than those low-down cone intakes. What I did originally was cut out that slotted area in the fairing over the radiator to let more air in, like the Evo and Ralliart have. I just added the Ralliart snorkel to that, with a KN panel filter now that I have my car back, finally. Sounds good, but how much better needs more time to tell....I've been getting better mileage around town, based on the instrument gauge; last reading was 26 mpg. I can't remember it being that high in stop and go. I do have a manual trans with many years experience, including trucks in NYC; though my sons now sound like Darth Vader..."Once you were the teacher...!" Steve, good luck with your fabrication; it might very well turn out to be worthwhile!
  4. 4B12 cat converter

    I got the CNT headers from LancerShop.com for a very reasonable price. They have a lot of high quality parts for sale. Check them out! .
  5. 4B12 cat converter

    Hey Chris, I wish I could tell you about the headers, but I still don't have my bloody car back yet. It turns out that my car is not full CARB spec after all, and of the three sensors I bought, two were incorrect. The downstream one I don't need, and the front sensor should be a 48/49 state one with a 40 in. connection wire, so the CA upstream sensor I bought I don't need either. So, have ordered the correct one twice, as it's apparently (obviously now) hard to get, but hopefully the shop will get it this week from the last place I ordered from. It's a over a year since my car was hit on Mar 20 last year; Palm Sunday. We were very lucky that one of our 2005's didn't suffer any valve damage when the timing belt lost about four teeth and jumped time while #3 son was fortunately idling at a traffic light. So we still have driveable cars...thank the Good Lord!!!
  6. Headers

    4-2-1 is 'supposed' to allow more low-end than the 4-1 type. I bought CNT 4-2-1 headers and a full 2.5" cat and back exhaust for my 2011 GTS (rear-ended almost a year ago) which damaged the entire exhaust system, among other things. Don't know how much better it is if at all, than stock as I'm still waiting for all the repairs to be completed....
  7. Slave cylinder

    Hey 1, Having had clutch master and slave cylinder problems in an '05 Ralliart and a '93 Expo respectively, your description sounds like the slave cylinder. I'm confused though; from what you've posted, it seems that the master was changed without a check of the slave cylinder? As far as chatter, well that's the clutch, whether due to excessive wear or from misalignment. Really, you should NEVER start a manual trans car in gear without a set parking brake! Always set your parking brake whenever your car is parked and leave it in gear, but put it in neutral before starting. I used to be one of those who never set the parking brake because of a very slight possibility of the cable freezing, as I live in Jersey where we have some cold weather...though we haven't yet this winter...but have been setting the brake in all weather for many years now without any such imagined problem in any of our four remaining Mitsu's. Good luck getting all that sorted out.
  8. Good Muffler for Custom Exhaust Build

    Hey Ace, I see no one has yet answered your query, but maybe because you can just Google 'Lancer exhaust,' or '2.5" exhaust' and see something that you might like. If you check my cat converter thread, you'll see the reasons I went for Magnaflow's 2.5" catback exhaust. There are a few others like Injen, Greddy, Tsudo which sound nice. Just look it up, you'll see something you like for sound and maybe price. Good luck in your search, and let us know....Well I'd be interested anyway!
  9. 4B12 cat converter

    Well, if any Lancer owners living in NJ or NY are interested, or encounter a need for an entirely new exhaust, here's what I've discovered. These two states mandated the CA emissions standards back in 2009, (NJ anyway) so anyone wanting their car to pass inspection needs a carb-compliant cat. After heading to my Mitsu dealer for the factory exhaust schematic, I found that the required cat has a mid-bed O2 sensor, which only Magnaflow offers in both 2.25" and 2.5" tube sizes. As I intended to replace the damaged oem manifold with less expensive headers, I decided on CNT 4-2-1's which have a 60mm opening, which I thought would be better hooked up to a 2.5" tube than the slightly smaller 2.25. That then led me to just going with a complete cat-back 2.5" Magnaflow exhaust, though I did originally intend to get a Borla muffler, but that one's size is 2.25. Flowmaster doesn't appear to offer any cat for Mitsu cars newer than 2006, so that pushed me to go Magnaflow. The only custom work I need is the head pipe with a bung for the upstream O2 sensor, and the addition of a bung and possibly a bracket for the downstream sensor, so it'll be quite a while yet before this thing get's back on the road. At least I have either of two 2005 Ralliarts to drive in the meantime, and those 4G69's have more grunt than the 4B12.... I know some of us here have deleted cats, but I don't know if some of those live here in Jersey, and if they do, whether they've had troubles with passing the emissions inspections. I don't want to have to shell out $100+ for a sticker every two years...who knows, maybe it's more now!
  10. 4B12 cat converter

    Hello All, After six months, I was finally able to buy back my totaled GTS. The wreckless driver's insurance totaled it as the entire exhaust system took the brunt of the rear-ending, and that OEM exhaust is bloody expensive. Everything has to be replaced, including the manifold, or so the adjuster's estimate indicated. Anyway, as many times as I was under that car for oil changes, I don't remember if the cat had any tubing or ports on it, and it appears that no aftermarket vendor has a direct replacement. Does anyone know if our cat has any of that on it? The only Lancer cat I've found online is for an ES, and the illustration shows a bung, but no tubes, and no indications if the cat for a 2.0 can be used on a 2.4. Any recommendations for one? The prices vary from like $100 to $400 or so, and as I still owed money on the car, I don't have a lot left to work with after the buy-back. I intend to replace the manifold with CNT headers, which are a shorter length 4-2-1 than the similar OBX headers I originally intended to buy. I would like those Supercircuit ones, but $900 to be shipped from Singapore...? So, can anyone help me out? Many thanks in advance!
  11. header pipe pairs

    Hi Multi, Nice picture! Is that a 4-1 set-up? How's your low-end power? Looking forward to your dyno numbers; do you have base-line numbers as well? It would be nice to see the improvements. Thanks for posting!
  12. header pipe pairs

    Hello All, Apologies if this has been already discussed. Do any of you experts know why the stock header pairs cylinders 1 with 2, and 3 with 4, when, so I believe, that the cylinders which travel up and down together should be paired; 1 with 4 and 2 with 3. Am I under a gross misapprehension? To further confound, I've seen other headers which pair 1 with 3 and 2 with 4. So, what is the best pattern for vacuum scavenging? My Lancer was rear ended and totaled, with damage to the exhaust up to the manifold. Trusting my decision to buy it back to repair it, I've been comparing prices of aftermarket and stock exhaust systems. OBX is less than stock, but I saw elsewhere here that many believe that brand to not be very good. Any suggestions for domestic 4-2-1, in light of my request above? I am reluctant to consider RPW as they're half-way around the world from Joisey even though their products look superior to the rest.... Thanks!
  13. Muffler Surgery

    Hi All, Many months ago I came across a thread in either this forum, or one of the other mitsu forums, about opening the stock Ralliart dual outlet muffler to improve flow at a much lower cost than the aftermarket ones. Has anyone done this with a GTS or ES muffler? I believe it was Road Race Engineering, which I had believed was related to RRM, but was rebuffed when I contacted them. Was unable to find an e-mail contact with RRE at that time so I gave up. Has anyone else seen that? Looks like it would be a smart thing to attempt if one had a welding machine, and keeping the stock muffler would deter the police....
  14. Hello From The Garden State...

    Thanks all for the kind welcome. Maybe some of us will see each other at one of these Mitsu Lovers' fests!
  15. 2014 2.4L Gt Clutch

    Did you check on-line sites? There are many OEM and street-strip types to choose from. If you have a 2014 and need a clutch already, maybe you race?