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  1. Brushed steel wrap

    Yes, use isopropyl alcohol diluted with water for all cleaning surfaces. This strips any wax or residue that might be on surface. Makes the vinyl stick real good. I didn't need any 3m primer or bonding agents for deep recesses cause I used this procedure. Also, taking the time to pull door handles prior to install is a huge benefit. Makes install cleaner and less chance of vinyl shrinking if you trim around them. Prep was definitely a big part of the overall time it took me but the end product is the benefit for sure. Using a textured brushed look for me was hard to manipulate any corners and deep curves so if you are using a solid color with no texture you'll have better chance of success. I wasted a lot of material due to the fine lines in the vinyl that needed to match each panel. Good luck and just take your time.
  2. detailing

    I had the same issues with my scorpion lip. So I used some spot puffy to fill in the small pits. Followed by some gloss black vinyl and then some clear 3m film. A bit of work but has held up real nice through the winters. And the protective film hasn't faded or pitted
  3. Flexible Led Strip Lighting

    The LED strip does pull out easily from the white rubber sleeve. I did add a small amount of clear silicone on both ends so moisture won't get in. The real test will be over the winter months. So far I really like the power output from the white light but feel the amber could be brighter. Still a cheap alternative to new headlight assys.
  4. New Here In Southwest Florida

    Magnaflow is what I have. Nice and deep
  5. Flexible Led Strip Lighting

    Here's a close up, also did my inside trunk
  6. So I recently added these LED strip lights to my headlights and I'm curious if anyone else has used them. The LED strips are incased in a white rubber sleeve that allows them to bend and shine pretty bright. They even have the amber LEDs inside and are connected to my signal lights and flash when on. I'm curious how well they hold up?
  7. Looking For A V-Lip

    You don't have too but the center lip will help it fit better.
  8. Looking For A V-Lip

    I just came across this from my EBay account. Might be helpful for you.
  9. Looking For A V-Lip

    The good thing about this lip is that it's flexible for hitting speed bumps etc. The entire lip is c-shaped and allows it to flex upward if hit. I added the white vinyl on the sides btw. I don't have a pic of this though. I'm sure one could bust it if you hit hard enough lol!
  10. Looking For A V-Lip

    I know it's not the v-lip but the wrx/Sti lips fit our Lancers like the one I recently got off eBay for $177 cdn. Made out of polyurethane and the fitment was pretty good. I wanted the v-lip as well but couldn't justify the price.
  11. What Y'all Think?

    Nice work, looks sick!!
  12. Removing A Lens From It's Housing?

    Just use extra sealant when putting lens back on to make them trouble free
  13. Removing A Lens From It's Housing?

    Pretty sure it's no different than baking the headlight assy in the oven. Lots of YouTube vids on how easy this is. Just be patient while prying the lens off
  14. Hvac Knob Ring Removal

    Thxs bud!
  15. Hvac Knob Ring Removal

    Any easy way to remove the silver ring around each knob? I'm wanting to paint them.