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  1. Dutch Lancer

    i'm still seeing all the pictures
  2. Duraflex M Power Rear Diffuser

    man i just ordered mine a week ago, and i'm importing it to the Netherlands. So i hope it will be workable
  3. nice ride but that sure can be a real money pit, even more than the lancer
  4. Dutch Lancer

    So this happend trying to get her fixed soon as possible
  5. IMG_3110.JPG

    From the album Lancer Remko_S

  6. IMG-3072.JPG

    From the album Lancer Remko_S

  7. IMG_3052.JPG

    From the album Lancer Remko_S

  8. IMG_3037.JPG

    From the album Lancer Remko_S

  9. Damn luke, hope you get it repaired soon. got mine in an accident last week
  10. Dutch Lancer

    don't go for the cheapest stuff. i first placed bitumen for sound deadning, on top of that some closed cel foam to reduce noise more and placed some "egg box" insulation under the trunkmat. the exhaust sound isn't completly gone but the constant drone of the exhaust is gone. (not sure if i'm saying this right)
  11. Zi0N's 2011 - Bunch Of New Stuff.

    what did you use for the splitters on the lancer
  12. Mine Progress Thread

    Love the things you've done.
  13. My Lancer Race Toy

    can't wait to see the result
  14. Dutch Lancer

    Went to tt circuit assen for Japfest (Meguiers show and shine stand) And got all the lights wired and connected to a switch inside
  15. Dutch Lancer

    finished the quad projectors with devil eyes