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  1. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    those are the ones i really wanted, but they said something about not for aftermarket hoods aka carbon fiber. so i strayed from them. I guess ill just buy some and go from there
  2. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Thanks! kept seeing different ones and all of them just kept saying only for oem hoods
  3. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

  4. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Thought I might revive my thread real quick, so i have the hood installed and im loving it so far, still running the HPI SRI, but now i want to see about getting hood dampers but i only see some that work for the stock hood or stock evo hood. Anyone know which brand or who makes some for carbon fiber hoods?
  5. Insulation Evo X Hood

    What did you use to make the covers for the vents? Im thinking of making some for my CF hood just didnt know what to go with
  6. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    I have the Ralliart snorkel too, thought of that before getting the SRI. I wanted to have my engine bay look a bit more cleaner, so had decided in getting an enclosed aftermarket intake but the HPS intake was at a great deal so couldnt pass it up.
  7. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Dust isnt really an issue in Houston, the only thing that we get is random rain and hot weather, the dust is usually only when going through construction, which i rarely do. i have a HPS intake for now, was planning on upgrading it to something better, such as the enclosed Greddy/Takeda intake. I have my stock airbox but the K&N filter i had i ended up selling it.
  8. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Do you think i could just buy the one that the EVO/Ralliart hood come with? found one at a good deal. I was planning on going with a sealed intake system soon, just either need to find a Greddy one or just get the Takeda.
  9. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    Thank you for your suggestions and advice. I greatly appreciate it, just wanted to take all the precautions necessary to keep my car alive and looking good. Would getting the aluminum shield the evo x hood comes with be good or am i better off leaving it as is?
  10. VIS Carbon Fiber Hood questions

    So i recently acquired a carbonfiber hood from a local buy, hood needs some polishing but does still do its job. Just have a question about it, so here in Texas we can get dry spells to fully storming. I wanted to know since having a short ram intake if there would be any issue with water going in the vents. or if theres any way to prevent it from happening or if what not. Im just paranoid since i had a friend have his car trying to hydrolock because of his CAI. Thank you in advance.
  11. HID conversion

    do you know if your car comes with DRL? If so you might need to buy the relay one of our fellow members sell.
  12. My 2010 Lancer.HL2 Lip installed 5/3

    she's looking good! love the color on the wheels.
  13. Ultimate Racing High Flow Cat and downpipe

    Thank you so much, ill probably end up selling this and an AMS intake for a Ralliart
  14. Ultimate Racing High Flow Cat and downpipe

    My stuff is still stock, only thing on is a Greddy axleback exahust.
  15. I just acquired these two not that long ago and was wondering if by any chance can be installed on my 2013 Lancer GT CVT or if it would even be beneficial for my car. If not i would probably just sell this stuff.