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  1. ALL About Intake Systems

  2. ALL About Intake Systems

    RA Snorkel info. You can get it directly from your local Mitsu dealer. They can order the part and you can pick it up. You don't have to pay for shipping. The part name/number is : DUCT,AIR CLEANER INTAKE Part Number: 1505A265
  3. ALL About Intake Systems

    I also found this site for the RA Snorkel.
  4. ALL About Intake Systems

    i follow @worldwidelancerclub on IG and I recognized your car on there. nice set up. I am going to go to my local Mitsu dealer this weekend and see if they can order one now that i know the part #. thanks
  5. ALL About Intake Systems

    Where is every one getting there RA snorkel? I look it up and the part #1505A305. It shows me two different images one looks like the RA but the other is smaller. I dont get it. Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Part Number:1505A305 Part:Air Inlet Duct (Does not fit Ralliart) Part Notes:2.0l with turbo.
  6. All About Exhausts.

    I installed the SR*S axel back this passed weekend on my 2010 Sportback. It fit like a glove no need for a custom axel back. It has a nice deep tone to it also. This is the one i got.
  7. All About Exhausts.

    Thinking of running a Tsudo Axle-back do they sound good? Is that a nice deep sound and not like a trumpet? I plan on painting the can and tipblack with high temp rattle can. I have a 2.4 Sportback 5spd.
  8. Official Exhaust Video Thread

    That is a superb deal but I have a 2011 and the exhaust plumbing is different on the 2015. But good call.
  9. Official Exhaust Video Thread

    I am going with this one. Summer project.... ill do a sound clip then.
  10. Official Exhaust Video Thread

    Hey, Looking for a Axle-back for a 2010 Sportback 2.4 5sp. I was looking at SR*S Thoughts??
  11. Topspeed Pro Axle-Back Exhaust $170

    Nice I was looking at that same axle back exhaust. I am running a 2010 Sportback GTS 5sd. I am looking at OBX and SR*S also this same one. I just don't know what will fit the SB. Thanks, Meg
  12. All About Exhausts.

  13. All About Exhausts.

    Hi, Thoughts on my post?? Dundid
  14. All About Exhausts.

    Hi I'm new here. I have 2010 Lancer GTS Sportback 4b12 and I was just wondering what people are doing for Axle-backs. I have been looking at the OBX and SR*S. I also asked SE Motors and they told me that the Tsudo would not fit because of the bumper on the SB. The OBX only shows 2.0 but will it fit the SB? This is the OBX on ebay: This is the SRS on ebay: This shows that this will fit but it also shows it will fit 2.0L so i think that the OBX will also fit. I just don't know... Thanks, Meg