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  1. 2011 Es Front Lip No Fangs

    I got the STI Lip without the fangs and it looks really good! fitment won't be exactly spot on but i'm sure you can make it work because i did!
  2. Sti Front Lip

    can you guys recommend something for ES people who don't have the fangs in the front? I've heard of HL2 lip and it looks pretty good! planning on getting it!
  3. Thoughts On Gready Exhaust?

    I've got a Injen SRI coupled with Greddy SP Elite on my 08 ES...sounds perfect! deep sound not ricey at all and it goes so well with the 'bark' of the intake you mentioned lol i love how you can only hear the exhaust when you're accelerating or won't notice you have an exhaust if you're just cruising...can't go wrong with Greddy man!
  4. Let The Games Begin!

    wow very strong opinions there. thanks tho! strong opinions means that the person has been through it and doesn't want another person to make the same mistake. 1) I know CAIs are better than SRIs performance wise. it's just the installation+location of the CAI that makes me uncomfortable lol. CAIs also have to worry about hydrolocking (or whatever it's called) I know I'm not driving through pools of water here but still the potential for shit going sideways is there. anyways I'll look into CAIs and if the installation is not gonna cost me a fortune I'll consider it. 2) I'm ordering should be a straight bolt on without any welding required. and it's a header back so I can run headers in the future if I wanted. lancershop said I'll have to wait till september but i have to order now! i just want to be absolutely sure that this will fit perfectly with my car before ordering it. 3) I've also heard of the bad wrap that the performance RRM products have lol They do have some nice aesthetic products but it's kinda pricey and sitting in Canada i'm not that interested considering I gotta pay duties on that ish.
  5. Thanks for the response mate. I just briefly checked out their prices on my phone. Pretty cheap and everything is free shipping but I'm pretty sure that's just for the states tho
  6. thanks so much for your response! I checked out ebay and amazon as well but both are costing me more than lancershop with shipping and stuff for the takeda SRI...actually the cheapest price with shipping I can find for the Takeda SRI is lol
  7. Let The Games Begin!

    Hey One T, thanks for the response. So, I'm thinking of getting this: this has a 2.5" piping i blv and its a bolt on it should fit on perfectly right? and also should be good for heades in the future...according to what you're saying?
  8. Let The Games Begin!

    btw how much did you pay for it?
  9. Let The Games Begin!

    *sign* thanks a lot...
  10. Let The Games Begin!

    Hey guys, I'm new here - I introduced myself in the new members section and got a great response from the community here! SO, let's get down to business... I just got a 08 lancer ES and it's bone stock perfect for a project car! Now, I've been researching the forums to see what's good for our cars performance wise and here's what I'm thinking of doing: 1) Takeda SRI ( 2) Tsudo headerback exhaust ( 3 and possibly, a Obx/RRM headers in the future.... That being said, I have decided on these based on the popularity of these parts on the forums. I know some people love their Injen SRI's but I think a lot of people said the Takeda shows real signs of performance boost so that's why I'm going with that. I'm going with the header back/cat back exhaust because I'm looking for performance over sound (thus no axlebacks) I'm not sure if I can get a catback exhaust now and get headers in the future...I'm still unsure about this and whether or not catback exhaust systems are compatible with aftermarket headers. Let me know what you guys think of my plans! I'm super excited and ready to hear your expert opinions so I can go ahead and order these parts as I cannot wait!! Also has anyone ordered parts from these websites into Canada? I'm kinda worried about the shipping+custom charges that I might have to pay :\
  11. Lancer Es

    1) which intake? 2) which catback system? I thought you couldn't do a catback exhaust with headers? where did you purchase parts from? i'm looking to buy the same stuff you have for my 08 lancer...what year is yours?
  12. thanks mate! Anyone here order anything from autocityimports? are they both legit sites? I'm in Canada so i think shipping and customs are going to be a b!tch but i'm willing to pay for that if the product is solid! here are the products I'm interested in: let me know if this is going to be a good combo!!
  13. Hey man, Thanks for the invite. I had already sent a request to join the group on facebook but it's still pending approval. If you can pull some ropes around there, can you get me accepted? thanks!
  14. I'll look that up! thanks again! The Protege was awesome! it's still on the road but it's on its way out...the thing with Mazda's is they have horrible quarter panel rusts that just spreads until it's eating up the entire car! yea man I was checking out the 'stanced lancers' thread yesterday and boy do those rides look sexy...I don't care i'll deal with whatever comes my way but I'm doing coils lol if i'm lowering it I don't see any wheel gap so it's either go big or go home man lol
  15. Thanks for the reply dude but the link you provided just took me to the home page :\ I've read the thing about custom work on exhaust and it saves money but I don't really have a go to guy for that kinda stuff I'm looking into shops that do that kinda stuff