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  1. IMG-2971.JPG

    From the album My Lancers

  2. Tinkering again.

    The weather is warm and the tinkering has begun. New charge pipe installed.
  3. Finally got my new car! '14 Ralliart!

    Gratz!! You are going to love it. I have had mine for 10 months and zero complaints.
  4. Intercooler question

    Well, summer is almost upon us and it is time to start tinkering on the car. I own a 2015 Ralliart and plan to swap out my intercooler and pipeing. Question: Will an OEM evo intercooler fit in my Ralliart?
  5. Keep birds away

    I just use a BB gun.
  6. ALL About Intake Systems

    Anyone know anything about the K&N Typhoon? I have a 2015 Ralliart and was wanting to install one. Problem: K&N only makes one for a 2014 GSR. I have the same 4B11 as the GSR and was wondering if it will fit.
  7. New Member From San Antonio, Tx

  8. New Member From Russia

  9. New Guy

    Welcome! I had mine driven up from another state as well so I know that agony of waiting well.
  10. Will Be A Lancer Owner.... Again

  11. Deatheater12's 2012 Gt

    Yup. Turned white after a month.
  12. Deatheater12's 2012 Gt

    This is last years dip. dip does not do well in the sun.
  13. photo8

    From the album My Lancers

  14. Spyder Headlights Two Wires?

    Gratz! Looking forward to those pics.
  15. Spyder Headlights Two Wires?

    Use a quick connect to attatch the white wire to the parking lights. I have the same lights on my SE.