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  1. Headers

    Get a 4-2-1 haha - on a completely unrelated note, I have a brand new SuperCircuit 4-2-1 sitting here waiting for a new home
  2. The Death of a Lancer. It's actually with a surprisingly heavy heart that I finally make this post on here, but a couple of weeks ago I had my first 'proper' accident which has, I can now say, resulted in the Category B write off of my beloved Mitsubishi Lancer. I just wanted to make a post on this thread saying a massive thank you. Thank you to everyone who gave advice, who helped me out with issues, and who shared the love I had for this simple but dependable car. There are many things that I'll miss about it, but I have fond memories and thousands of photos that'll help me remember the good times I had with this car. I managed to win ROTM before writing the car off as well which was brilliant, it really made me feel like I'd managed to get somewhere with the car. In terms of driving now, I'm restricted to my company car for the moment, but am looking at various options now. My original plan was to get another Lancer but this time a manual, but 1.8 manuals in the UK are extremely rare, so I've turned my attention elsewhere and will be looking at a Mazda MX5 tomorrow, with the intention of buying it if the car is in reasonable condition. Thanks again though to all of you. It's been a real ride, and one I'll never forget. RIP Stancer Lancer. Best Regards Luke
  3. Truhart coilovers? Have a look at what those come to including shipping - KYB have been making shocks since the year dot, and supported all the major WRC rally teams at some point or another. I know they only use the stock mounts so no camber plates, but they're a better quality shock overall.
  4. Haha cheers you two. Best thing is that after my first month actually selling in December, I'm taking home the most money I've made in my life come the 14th, so it's time to do all the stuff I never got around to. Bucket seats and four point harnesses are going in, coilovers are getting fitted, 4-2-1 manifold is getting bought and then installed with the Evo X cams and hopefully a full exhaust system. Want the car 'done' for April 1st, and it's looking promising!
  5. Good news! The Lancer stays
  6. Sounds a lot like the dealership trying to worm their way out of it, but then again the steering system and ignition system are linked, i.e. barrel lock. But a remote starter install is always gonna give dealers a standpoint from which to start denying responsibility, which is part of the reason why I try not to mod anything in warranty.
  7. I wouldn't worry yourself about it, this is a dealership problem. It's definitely in warranty.
  8. I Want Some Unbiased Opinions!!

    Coming from the UK your used car values seem absolutely insane haha, a 2001 330i like that over here would probably fetch half that amount - but we take a massive hit on insurance. Yes the 330i will hold it's value better, but that's because it's already aged and taken it's hit on value - consider it was a $40k car new. That's the same with many cars - but think about it, you'd be swapping into a 10 year older car. All cars depreciate, and as a car salesman this is why we push finance - not because we make money off it (truth: we do, don't let people tell you different) but because if you were to be looking at a house, and the estate agent tells you that this $400k house will be worth $300k in three years - would you buy it or rent it? Resale values fall in a funny way - I've popped in a quick scribble I've made - take from it what you will, but you're just on the downward slope of depreciation as a recent buyer. The losses will slow, as shown. And what's said above is very true - BMW parts, servicing, and at that age problems, are more expensive, and more common for the latter.
  9. Sweet Turbo CVT AWC 4b12 Build!! SUB!!

    Very interested to see how this goes, especially with the CVT box.
  10. Idk, I kinda like my 'Honda ricer style' exhaust to be honest. Give me a not-too-large stainless rear section over a corroded stock muffler any day, but each to their own I guess.
  11. Update on this - sadly I no longer am a Rainbow Pen agent after a bit of a bust up I had with Siang. Basically, I've been voicing my concerns over the quality of recent orders, the sudden 20-30% increase in shipping prices with no explanation, and as a result of this he's thrown a hissy fit and decided to not speak to me anymore. Over the last few orders I've done, mainly outside of Project Lancer, items have been missing from orders, damages to items have been present, and the quality of the items has definitely taken the tumble. As such, I'm no longer able to place any faith in the products he offers. I've seen towhooks snap clean off, I've seen lowering springs collapse over time, and I've seen lights fail after insignificant lengths of time. This post can now be unpinned by an admin if deemed fit, but this is my warning that Rainbow Pen supplied products are proving to be of poor quality and even somewhat dangerous in the recent orders. I can only apologise for any inconvenience this causes.
  12. If I had a quid for every time I've heard this line...
  13. It's AWD already since it's a Jap model, rather than the USDM models where I believe they were burdened with a 3.0 V6 SOHC unit which put out a pretty paltry 160hp. This was about 220-230 from factory, and with cams, full exhaust, plenum spacers, manifolds etc. people see around 260+ at the crank, which yields a 0-60 time I'd be very happy with until I have the money, and time, to Twin Turbo it.
  14. It's just a GTO NA Auto, but yeah, I know full well how much of a money pit they can be haha - main thing is to make sure they're properly maintained, they can be very very reliable so long as you run the right oil, change it often, and keep to strict servicing schedules. The Lancer is probably gonna be sold in the Spring, but it's gonna be off the road from December 18th, as that's when I transfer insurance over to the GTO. I don't need a car that can do the whole 'daily and showcar' thing, as I'm just about to get a company car from work, so will have that to use day to day.
  15. So the Lancer might possibly be leaving me sooner than I had hoped. So much money's gone into it, and so much time, and I've become really attached to it - but financially it's probably not viable to try running it alongside the car I may have accidentally just bought...