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  1. If I remember correctly O'Reilly will check and machine rotors for you if it's needed/they have enough life in them. Go ahead and replace the pads too. Brake maintenance is routine, I wouldn't recommend going to a shop for it unless working on it yourself is out of the question. Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
  2. I dont have any experience with the coilovers. I replaced my struts recently and went ahead and got some Manzo 1" lowering Springs just to get rid of some of the stock fender gap. I've been pretty happy with them considering this is just a daily driver and not a highly modded race car. It may not be what you are looking for, but the spring rate wasn't that aggressive that it become unpractical and a 1" drop helped with the gap and still allowed me to drive around without having to angle my car in and out of most driveways. Sent from my E6553 using Tapatalk
  3. oil leak

    Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be getting a Fumoto valve too.
  4. oil leak

    Ahegao: yeah, I used a shop towel to just do a quick wipe inside the drain itself, and Ive tried a new drain plug/washer. Previous owner told me when I got the car there was a problem with the drain plug but he had taken it to Mitsubishi and gotten it fixed. It's been fine the last year or so I've had the car, but I guess it finally caught up with me. I havent looked underneath the car in awhile and itll probably be at least another week before i have time to mess with it, but I was reading a Mitsubishi service manual for the 4b12 and it says you have to remove the AC compressor to pull the oil pan off. Seems like its going to be a pain. this is the only information Ive found on it so far.
  5. oil leak

    Ive got a 2011 GTS sedan and awhile back it started leaking from around the drain plug and was pretty bad. Lost over a quart in roughly 2 weeks. Tried replacing the drain plug and O-ring, and it was still leaking the next day. Ive even tried to put a little teflon on the plug to slow it, but nothing works. I know its not coming from anywhere else. Only thing I know to do now is buy a new oil pan. Does anybody have some suggestions?
  6. Nice. I went to work on mine with a few cans of dip not too long ago. Blacked out the wheels and anything chrome. Sent from my C6602 using Tapatalk
  7. Intake And Exhaust

    I've got the Injen SP1838 SRI on mine. It's sounds a lot better compared to stock and didn't cause any ecu issues. So I'm happy with it. From my experience modding cars, don't expect much gain out of any budget intake alone. Sent from my C6602 using Tapatalk
  8. How Thirsty Is Your Lancer?

    I usually get about 26-27 mpg driving to work (25 mile trip) and have gotten over 32 mpg on a 2 hour trip before. Sent from my C6602 using Tapatalk
  9. Deciding On 4B12 Mods

    Thanks. I appreciate the help. Sent from my C6602 using Tapatalk
  10. Deciding On 4B12 Mods

    I've been trying to decide what to install on my GTS and as far as electronics go I've been trying to decide on either the Works P1 ECU flash or getting the RRM ECM and timing controller combined. Right now Im leaning towards the Works flash considering it's the least expensive route and from the description they seem to both be accomplishing the same thing, just that the RRM upgrades are add on modules while the Works is a reprogramming of my ECU. If anybody has any experience with either or can correct me if I'm wrong in my understanding of these I'd like to hear so I can make a decision. Just for reference My car is a 2011 GTS with the CVT. Thanks. Other Mods I plan on adding are basic bolt ons. Crank Pulley, SRI, header, and Axleback.
  11. New Member From Tx

    Yeah, I'm going to drop it an inch or so. I was hoping to find some Springs that retained the factory spring rate, but it doesn't look like there's anything out there. I'll check out the group too. Thanks. Sent from my C6602 using Tapatalk
  12. Cutting Off Catalytic Convertor

    You'll most likely have a constant check engine light on top of all the other issues listed. You'd be better off removing the muffler and going from there. I don't recommend that either. Take it from someone who used to own an obnoxiously loud car, it gets old after awhile. Sent from my C6602 using Tapatalk
  13. Keegan's 2010 Gts

    you ever thought about dipping your Mitsubishi emblems red like older cars used to have? I was going to do that on mine, but I already had black plastidip in the shop from another project so I used that instead.
  14. My 2011 didnt come with an AUX, just the RCA. I already had a cable laying around I could use with it though.
  15. New Member From Tx

    Hey There. I recently bought a 2011 Lancer GTS for my daily driver. I dont plan on doing much to it since I currently have another car Im fixing up as well, but Im hoping to do some bolt ons, lower it a little, and maybe get it tuned. Everything else will just be some minor cosmetic changes. I've had it for about a month and a half now and it's pretty fun to drive. free image host pic upload photo hosting