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  1. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Update: February 19th, 2018 So it's been about 6+ months i've been dealing with this issue still. I've taken it to many different dealerships (even got one to replace my front struts/springs) and they still cant come to a conclusion on whats going on with my car. Same for the 3 separate mechanics i've also went to.. I literally dont know what to do now.. - When the right wheel goes over a manhole/bump/groove it turns right suddenly - When the left wheel goes over a manhole/bump/groove it turns left suddenly - When I hit a pothole (not even a big one, just one with an abrupt edge) it shakes the steering wheel very intensely for a second and then everything seems to go back to 'normal' it almost feels like I have no control over the wheels for 1 to 2 seconds. - whenever I go over this bridge transition tracking on my way to work everyday I hear a noise coming from the front. It sounds like its the metal tracking that im driving over moving when I hit it but that stuff is cemented in place so its something on my car. The noise is very hard to describe. Almost like metal tapping something as the wheels meet the transition. - When on a crappy road and I brake it will send my steering left and right until I come to a stop - Whenever im driving downtown Vancouver (for you who live down here) I drive down East Hastings to get to work a lot of the time and that road is very poorly maintained, im not exadurating one bit. It will literally throw me all over my lane left and right, and it is very hard to manage my lane position at times. - When going into a long sweeping corner it will turn very slowly/mushy to the point its cranked and still not turning the best, then it feels if I were to turn it at all a bit more (even though im not turning barely) I would completely oversteer my car into the side of the road. Pretty much there is no sweet spot what so ever. Its just barely turn, or turn where it feels as if your going off the road a moments notice. - Also yesterday it snowed here and just driving in the snow pack in some places it would jack my car left or right depending on the bump. and this happening in the snow is bound to send me into another vehicle at some point. Again if any of you guys have any good ideas on what it could be before I bring it in again aimlessly looking for an answer? So far ive done the following - Wheel alignments (x4) - Rack/Pinion checked (fine as per mechanic) - Tires all at same PSI (cold) 35 - Tires all seem find and are still pretty much brand new - Front shocks/struts replaced - Running 18" bbs Evo X rims - 245/40/18 wheels Any and all ideas/suggestions welcome. It's been to long, i no longer enjoy my daily commutes, I drive my wifes 07 VW whenever I have the option over my car. It kinda defeats the purpose of buying a 2015 Lancer IMO. in other words... HELPPP!
  2. HELP: Steering problems!?

    So, the handling has improved significantly from what it was before. When taking corners it no longer feels like the tail end wants to whip around anymore and feels much more stable. However, after a week or two the steering wheel still is tending to jump left and right over bumps and is wondering left and right. Im going to do another tire rotation and see if anything changes. If not im just going to assume its the tires (falken) ive heard many people tell tales of bad experiences and the dealership told me today that falkens are notorious for problems and dont suit lancers (take ehat you want outta that) but im starting to believe it. I will post again with further details after the rotation, and if that doesnt work after i buy new tires... again lol.
  3. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Alright ladies and gents... a final update for you guys. So after all that b.s. listed above, I decided to go to an out of town Mitsubishi Dealer to get my car looked at by a fresh set of eyes... and thankfully they actually acknowledged that my suspension WAS indeed faulty. Within a few hours of having my car I got a phone call and they informed me they will be replacing my whole suspension struts, and shocks under warranty! Im so pumped boys! After 2 months of not being able to drive my car (It literally almost hucked me off the road numerous times) It seems I will be getting my car back in 45 minutes and all SHOULD be well. I guess for some reason either the initial dealer I went to which was Tri City Mitsubishi.. <--- be weary if you are around this dealership either didnt take the time to actually look over my vehicle.. or quite simply didnt even diagnose anything and tried to tell me it was all good. Just be cautious with dealerships boys.. im sure you guys all are and already know. But Ive bought 2 vehicles off these guys and they wouldnt even aknowledge a valid warranty claim. 5 star review to Surrey Mitsubishi, BC Canada. Thanks for your help though guys I appreciate it.
  4. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Hey guys thanks a ton for your replies. I havent been able to diagnose it yet as im renovating my house, and unable to get the car in yet. Im going to be bringing it in to a suspension shop, get them to take a look at everything and will keep you guys posted soon. Thanks again!
  5. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Yep, all bushings looked perfectly fine, no grease showing, no tears in the plastic nothing. I took another corner today and went over a man hole while cornering and it does feel like maybe it is the tires. It *feels* as if the sidewall is rolling around corners, could this be a thing? I noticed that my old tires (Bridgestone Potenzas) the sidewall was flush with the lip of the rim. and now these new tires although they are the same size by spec (falken ziex 245/40/r18) the falkens appear to have a little bit of a stretch to them. Very minor but definitely noticable from the last. Anyone have any input on this possibly? Im going to go out and take some pictures of the sag and the tires for ref.
  6. HELP: Steering problems!?

    I just had the car jacked up and checked the outter tie rods which looked perfectly fine, and also checked the end links. and nothing obvious was there. Going to just replace end links, and save for suspension and hope it fixes it. Just sucks a few things happened close together that make this more difficult to solve (getting new wheels and the accident) thanks again for your guys' feedback! I will keep you guys posted if i figure this thing out. after all of my googling I see there are a couple of threads for other cars that experience the same thing and dont solve the problem. or its to long after the post and they didnt update it once they did.
  7. HELP: Steering problems!?

    Hey man thanks for the reply. So I have taken my car 2 times to Mitsu and they keep stating they arent failing yet... (even though they are or if not are close). and I have had two alignments. I was thinking maybe tie rod ends because after my 1st alignment it did go out within 3 weeks the toe was pointing to the right slightly. Now after the second it drives straight again but i still float at higher speeds side to side. Also turning is very sloppy ie. you cant just find the angle of the long corner and hold the wheel there.. I will have to keep tweeking the wheel all along the corner. I do understand that wide tires doesnt help but I have experienced that before and this is much more intense. What would you go after first in your opinion? Save up the whole $2000 for coils and install/alignment or start with least expensive and work your way up? Thanks again!
  8. Hey guys, I know its been a while since ive been active on here but im having some troubles with my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer GT. So right now when I drive over bumps, or rough road, the steering wheel will jerk either way, as well as the steering wheel feels "loose" compared to what I believe im used to in the car. Things that have happened recently to affect perhaps? - Car was rear ended. Rear bumper replaced, and some minor sheet metal repair in the rear as well. - Replaced Bridgestone Potenzas with Falken Ziex (245/40/18) - Car currently sits .5" lower on the left front, than the right front. - Car currently sits 1" lower on the left rear, than the right rear. - I have now had 2 wheel alignments in the last 30 days. Upon getting the second one done about 30 days after the 1st, the toe was out slightly to the right. Have since corrected with the second alignment, went for a test drive and still experiencing problems. So as I said before the steering now seems to feel loose to the point that I no longer feel comfortable taking hard corners like she deserves! I'll notice slight wandering when driving faster, and when going slow over big or small bumps, or dips in the road the steering wheel will turn right or left a bit causing me to correct quite a bit. Also I noticed that when I now drive with two hands on the wheel it doesnt feel firm or planted enough thats its uncomfortable or feel that its actually easier to steer with one hand and correct. That probably makes no sense but this is what im experiencing. I've driven a 2013 Lancer for 2 years then upgraded to the 15' GT and I can swear that I didnt experience this before. I am in the process of saving to upgrade my suspension to BC Racing Coilovers, but im afraid that after doing so it still wont correct the problem. I've done a ton of internet research and things I have found so far are possibly Outter tie rods might be bad, or end links. if any of you guys can give me a direction to go it would be appreciated. Right now my plan is probably going to be outter tie rods, end links, coilovers, and hopefully i can my car normally again. Please if any of you guys have experienced something like this and have found a sollution or want to throw in your two cents please let me know. I have gone to Mitsu twice now and they state that the steering is normal... which it most definitely is not. Thanks in advance!
  9. New Front Vinyl

    looks shmexy! love the sticker on the front windshield.. gna have to steal that spot for my blue lancer
  10. How to remove Ralliart style front chrome ring

    but if you think about it.. how long did it take you to tape off everything nicely. takes about 10-20 minutes to fully remove the chrome ring etc. Probably works out about the same either way just preference.
  11. How to remove Ralliart style front chrome ring

    yeah its all good when you go dark. but when I did orange plasti dip on the chrome ring you could visibly see the orange in the groove behind the trim etc. So decided just to take it off clean it out in there. and wrap it in 3m to make it last longer. Good to clean out the rocks stuck in there after a couple months too.
  12. Need advice on modding my car!

    Second that. Drove an se w.o paddle shifters was ok. Got a gt with paddle shifters now and i NEVER drive not using the paddles
  13. Need opinion on front bumper

    And im pretty sure you are going to have to cut out that styrofoam behind the center of the bumper to fit that in.
  14. 20160224-112257-1-resized.jpg

    From the album My 2015 GT AWC

    Before and after wheel alignment specs. Before is stock suspension with 16" rims and 225's After is stock suspension with 18" rims and 245's and a camber kit to get the front setup over 0 degrees.
  15. Orange grill.. need feedback

    Yeah the side markers pop out the same way. No point in throwing in more turn signals. If i replaced them with real lights id just tint them black (and I already have blinkers on my side mirrors) So paint em black. Heres a pic of the black side markers. Theres already dirt stains on them its pouring rain here right now. also blacked out the front mitsu logo